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Tonight we had esmerel, merlinofchaos, and da_zhuang around for dinner. Everything turned out well, I think. And, I think just about everything was low-carb, which was good for my diet. I probably had more food than I planned to, but I think I’ve done reasonably well the last week or so, so I’m not going to feel guilty.

Salad with arugulla, butter lettuce, radicchio, cucumbers, tomato, avocado, green onion.
Two salad dressings (soy-mayo and honey mustard) made with the homemade mayo. Merlin made the honey mustard… turned out good
Artichokes, a little tiny bit overdone but I don’t think anyone noticed.
Dipping sauce, about 3 parts mayo to 1 part vietnamese “chili garlic sauce” – this was a hit I think.
Meat, which I thought was filet mignon, but was probably some other loin cut. Salt, garlic, pepper. Broiled 5 min each side. (Supermarkets don’t seem to sell filet much anymore.)
Broccoli, steamed, which was probably overkill but I wanted something else in case the ‘chokes didn’t work.

We have cool friends. (p.s. dear klae: Love ya! Mean it!)

You know what? I think the only one who cares less than I do about The Terry Schiavo Case is Terry Schiavo.

Was that crude? I don’t mean to be offensive, but the point is 1. I don’t care about the case and I’m glad it’s over, and 2. I’m pretty sure Terry vacated and went on to greener pastures some 15 years ago.

Mayo revisited

[oops, this was supposed to go to good eats, but I’ll leave it in here too :]

Thanks for all the advice. I wanted to share my latest mayo experience…

My last attempt at mayo was reasonably successful. It was a stable emulsion, but it was syrup-consistency and didn’t stand up. Someone suggested adding more oil, and that did the trick. It was very nearly mayo-like.

This time, I ended up with “broken goo” but I was able to save it. The first whip attempt never really got to the “frothy” stage, so I started with an empty bowl and 1 whole egg, whipped until frothy (or at least foamy) and then poured in the broken goo :) It seems like once you get to the foamy stage, it’s smooth sailing from there out.
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Diet prgress, day 16

I believe I have lost roughly 3 pounds over the last 2 weeks. According to the medical-style scale downstairs, I currently weigh 255 with shoes on, 252 with shoes off. The same scale put me at 258 two weeks ago, and still at 258 one week ago. So, three pounds lighter or so.

On advice from a friend, I decided to “make the food boring and get it over with”. So, for the next couple weeks I will be on the “lunchmeat and salad” diet.

If you had asked me a month ago, I would have said that such a diet would drive me crazy. Strangely, I am not going crazy with craving stuff I can’t have. I don’t think I have really strained my willpower yet. It’s more of a logistical problem: most, if not all, of the foods I normally eat are now verboten, so I’m left with the puzzle of “what the hell do I eat?”
More diet stuff

How to make new friends

I decided I need more friends… doesn’t everybody?

1. Go to your own User Info page.
2. Find your first friend in the list, and click to go to their info page.
3. Look at that person’s friends. Click on the first friend of that user who is not also on your own friends list.
4. When you get to someone who has no friends in common with you (no bold entries), stop. Add this person to your friends list. If the person you clicked on has any friends in common with you, repeat step 3. Don’t click on anyone you already clicked on once, just choose the next person.
5. (Optional) Post a note to your journal saying who you added and how they are connected to you.

I just added 37inarow who is connected to me by way of 1200seconds, chrysoula, ail, and annathepiper. Welcome! (You don’t have to add me to yours, and I might remove you after a week or so. If you want to be removed, just ask.)

Food entry

I wrote down my foods but I won’t copy them all here. The short version is that I have been sticking to the low-carb diet (as described in Atkins “Induction phase”). It’s been a lot easier than I thought. I haven’t really been missing my bread, pasta or sugar. The real difficulty for me is finding interesting things to eat, but that is an intellectual and logistical problem for me, and not one that causes me much distress.

I haven’t lost any weight. If anything I added a pound, but it’s hard to tell, my weight fluctuates pretty widely. I have been between 252 and 257 all week.

I didn’t do much of any exercise since starting this diet 8 days ago, but I did the exercise bike yesterday and went up 25 flights of stairs today. Hopefully week 2 will show some progress, but I’m not overly concerned. I’m doing this more to get in tune with my body and adjust to a lower, but still moderate/normal carb intake, and losing weight this month is secondary.

Stuff I am giving away (to friends only)

I would like to pass some stuff on to someone who can use it. If I can find a friend who would like these things, I’d like to pass it on to someone I know. Otherwise I will probably sell it on ebay or something for a small amount.

  • Cell phone: Motorola T720 for use with Verizon. Call Verizon and give them the ID number, or give to a family member you want to add to your plan. Or keep it as a spare. Includes an extra charger. Picture 1Picture 2
  • MP3 player: Creative Nomad Jukebox, 20G. Can be used with either USB or Firewire. Charge via AC adapter (not pictured) or can charge while plugged in a USB port. Comes with USB cable. (I have a Firewire cable too, just ask.) Picture
  • Palm Tungsten C: The kind with a built-in keyboard and 802.11b wireless. Cradle/charger, and an extra USB cable for charging or syncing on the road. Includes a hard metal case. Works fine, I just don’t use it since I got a Treo phone. Picture 1Picture 2

Yes, this offer is open to anyone on my friends list… just tell me they are going to a good home. If you live near me, pick it up, otherwise I’ll let you know how much it costs to ship and you can send it to me on Paypal.

two lumps has that romanian song on it

Two lumps:


Made famous recently by this wacky guy who recorded himself lipsyncing.. see links here

Having trouble remembering the words? Check out The Gnome-a-gnome-a-yay version:

Guaranteed to get stuck in your head. For days.

(Thanks to arkady for the links page – I actually found your page on Google while searching for “gnome a yay dragostea”)