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I wrote down my foods but I won’t copy them all here. The short version is that I have been sticking to the low-carb diet (as described in Atkins “Induction phase”). It’s been a lot easier than I thought. I haven’t really been missing my bread, pasta or sugar. The real difficulty for me is finding interesting things to eat, but that is an intellectual and logistical problem for me, and not one that causes me much distress.

I haven’t lost any weight. If anything I added a pound, but it’s hard to tell, my weight fluctuates pretty widely. I have been between 252 and 257 all week.

I didn’t do much of any exercise since starting this diet 8 days ago, but I did the exercise bike yesterday and went up 25 flights of stairs today. Hopefully week 2 will show some progress, but I’m not overly concerned. I’m doing this more to get in tune with my body and adjust to a lower, but still moderate/normal carb intake, and losing weight this month is secondary.

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  1. Anonymous

    Make the food boring and get it over with

    I lost a pound a week when I was on low-carb. From 203 down to 163 now. Not bad.

    During the main period, I ate the same thing every day. Meat sticks for lunch. A Cobb salad for dinner.

    One theme of low-carb is a return to nature: for millennia humans ate low-carb, so this is the diet that we were designed to eat. If that’s true, we should also consider that for millennia humans ate the same thing every day, except at feast times.

    So, when we’re on low-car, we should stop using food as a source of entertainment. Forget variety. Just eat the same thing every day. If you want variety, read a book while you eat.

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