Monthly Archives: February 2006

Learning php/mysql

I have some smart people on my friends list, so please allow me to pick your brains. If web programming and/or databases aren’t your thing, please move along. :)

I have a project here at work that I need to slap together in about a week. It doesn’t have to be fancy, as it’s mostly going to be used by me and a couple others on my team.

There’s a bunch of data that I want to dump into a mysql db, and then I want to be able to create three or four web pages that correspond to certain SQL queries. I am pretty comfortable with the mysql part, and I could create the web pages/forms that I want, but doing so in perl would take me a long time.

For someone who has never worked with PHP at all, would this be a good starter project, and is it reasonable to expect that I can do what I want to do? I have heard that PHP is better for this than perl… but is it significantly better? Is there some other tool I should think about using besides php?

Finally, any tips on where to start with PHP/mysql, perhaps a pointer to some sample code I can snarf?