Monthly Archives: August 2006

Week in review

This week I…
Packed the rest of the kitchen (total 22 boxes)
Had my kitchen removed
Switched my mailer to Thunderbird
Went to dinner with swami_bob and the professor
Averaged almost 45 min of cardio a day

Next week I hope to…
Get a new kitchen, damnit!
See misty and the unicorn again (what’s it been, 6 weeks?)
Attend interview on Wednesday
Make plans for countertop

Week in review

This week I:
upped my daily cardio to 45 min (avg this week 40.7 min)
attended an ice cream competition
completed the bulk of the remote access transition
bought three short-sleeved dress shirts (actually long-sleeved shirts with an “alteration” :)
packed all the food and most of the dishes into boxes

Next week I am planning to:
take thurs/fri off to see my kitchen get demolished
have a 3rd phone interview and maybe a live interview
get creative with dinners (sandwiches anyone?)

Seeking a good mail client

I have been using Mulberry for a long time but it’s starting to feel old and clunky to me. Mulberry 2.2.1 is dated 2002 and I don’t recall why I didn’t upgrade to 3.0… it was some new feature I didn’t like and couldn’t figure out how to get the old behavior back.

So, I’m putting the question to my LJ brain trust: What (windows) program do you use to read your mail, and do you like it? (If you don’t read your mail on a Windows machine, or if you use telnet/ssh or a web browser to read mail, you do not need to answer… I have web-based and text-based mail readers that I like pretty well)

I’m hoping there’s something out there better than Outlook, and I’m willing to pay. IMAP multiple folders and multiple identities are a must.

Petition against minimum wage “held hostage” to tax breaks for the rich

I signed this electronic petition. If you agree with the sentiment, you might want to sign it too.

So here’s the question that the right-wing extremists who control the Republican Congress will put before the Senate:

“Over seven million Americans can have a raise of $2.15 an hour by raising the minimum wage, but only if we give a tax cut to 7,500 ultra-rich people at a cost of $753 billion dollars.”

It’s despicable, it’s wrong, and we need to stop it.
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Google me

First phone interview w/google today. I think it went pretty well. I was asked about:

  • single vs double quotes in shell or perl, and what backquote does
  • example of how you would parse a passwd file using perl reg exp
  • do you make a loop to do that or is there a function (i said map, grep, he wanted split)
  • how do you do simple math in shell (i guessed eval or parens)
  • how would you do the passwd split in shell (i said sed or awk)
  • example of sed to turn commas into tabs
  • what is cidr notation, walk through example of /22, how many nodes, what is the mask, what is that in binary

My turn to ask questions, I asked if ‘dont be evil’ has actually guided specific decisions at work. Nothing specific but just being cool to others in general. Also I mentioned that I am interested in both specialist and manager positions.