How to make new friends

I decided I need more friends… doesn’t everybody?

1. Go to your own User Info page.
2. Find your first friend in the list, and click to go to their info page.
3. Look at that person’s friends. Click on the first friend of that user who is not also on your own friends list.
4. When you get to someone who has no friends in common with you (no bold entries), stop. Add this person to your friends list. If the person you clicked on has any friends in common with you, repeat step 3. Don’t click on anyone you already clicked on once, just choose the next person.
5. (Optional) Post a note to your journal saying who you added and how they are connected to you.

I just added 37inarow who is connected to me by way of 1200seconds, chrysoula, ail, and annathepiper. Welcome! (You don’t have to add me to yours, and I might remove you after a week or so. If you want to be removed, just ask.)

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