Tonight we had esmerel, merlinofchaos, and da_zhuang around for dinner. Everything turned out well, I think. And, I think just about everything was low-carb, which was good for my diet. I probably had more food than I planned to, but I think I’ve done reasonably well the last week or so, so I’m not going to feel guilty.

Salad with arugulla, butter lettuce, radicchio, cucumbers, tomato, avocado, green onion.
Two salad dressings (soy-mayo and honey mustard) made with the homemade mayo. Merlin made the honey mustard… turned out good
Artichokes, a little tiny bit overdone but I don’t think anyone noticed.
Dipping sauce, about 3 parts mayo to 1 part vietnamese “chili garlic sauce” – this was a hit I think.
Meat, which I thought was filet mignon, but was probably some other loin cut. Salt, garlic, pepper. Broiled 5 min each side. (Supermarkets don’t seem to sell filet much anymore.)
Broccoli, steamed, which was probably overkill but I wanted something else in case the ‘chokes didn’t work.

We have cool friends. (p.s. dear klae: Love ya! Mean it!)

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