Monthly Archives: January 2002

Didn’t do much today. Worked on the Altaia character sheet, late last night and again today. The new character sheet is in Excel and the lines don’t line up quite the same, but it will be ok. I created a formula that fills in the seven boxes under where you type 4 with ranges 1-4, 5-8, 9-12, etc. This involves a formula that can tell how far it is from the target cell (difference in row numbers). Sure, I could have put *1 in the first, *2 in the second, etc, but I wanted the same formula in every box. The numbers disappear if you don’t enter a number in the first box, so it can be used as a worksheet or a blank write-in form. I’m smug.

I also went to Fry’s, ended up getting a fan for the entertainment center cabinet, but forgot to get the keyboard/mouse splitter cable that I wanted in the first place.

C made dinner for us, chicken and veggies stir fry and rice pilaf, yum! Thanks C! I think I had too much, but there was still some left and I couldn’t help it!

The Green Mile

The Green Mile

I watched this movie on a premium channel. It is about a prisoner on death row (during Depression era) who is wrongly convicted, and earns the respect of the guards there.

It’s an excellent movie, and I recommend it. The end is quite sad, but the whole thing is good. Quite long too.