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Damn, strike two

My #2 most wanted internal position is seeming less likely… they responded to me to say “We are keeping you in mind but we’re screening other candidates too.” Not really a no, but not a happy note either.

There is one more internal lead I am following up on. If that falls through also, then I am pretty much done with Yahoo I think.

I would be really happy if Postini or Brightmail or someone could call me. For now, I will focus on the weekend plans and deal with job hunt on Tuesday.

Reply received from my Rep

Received reply. It’s good to see the Democratic party take a pretty much united stand against the amendment. Also, I know this is a form letter because I entered the same letter twice (after getting an error message) and then got two copies of the reply :) But it’s excellent to see them responding.

Dear Mr. Connor:

Thank you for contacting me regarding the Federal Marriage Amendment. I appreciate hearing your views on this matter.

Please know that I share your concerns about this proposal. The ramifications of the Federal Marriage Amendment would be damaging to any non-traditional family in the United States. The law would negatively impact gay and lesbian couples and elderly couples who remain unmarried in order to receive their pensions. The choice of a life partner is a very personal decision, and I do not believe government should intrude in this private institution.

The Federal Marriage Amendment was introduced on May 21 by new Republican Representative Marilyn Musgrave of Colorado. It is now pending before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, and you may rest assured that I am opposing it.

Thank you again for sharing your views with me on this important matter. Your voice helps shape the way I represent our district.

Mike Honda
Member of Congress

Things to do today

Call my senator (Barbara Boxer) using phone number on check.

Call my representative (Mike Honda) using phone number on check.

Hello, I am a constituent from Santa Clara, California.
I’m calling to say that I strongly oppose the President’s proposed marriage amendment.
Can you tell me _______’s position on Defense of Marriage amendment?
Thank you.

Friday: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Not necessarily in that order.

Ugly: On call at 5:22 am due to someone abusing the site. After emailing to say that I blocked them, the abuser emailed “Ooops, we’re sorry, didn’t mean anything by it, just for research and all that.” Then while I am letting them sweat and taking my time in replying, bozos call the NOC (in Pasadena, no less, so NOC once removed) and say “Gee, we think we are being blocked, can you check and unblock us? This is really important.” They can suck my left nut and I’ll be halfway to unblocking them at this point. Too bad they are in australia or some other RIPE-allocated backwater, they would need a passport to offer me oral pleasure.

Good: Excellent interview with people from Search. This was my #2 but it is rapidly becoming my number one. In some measure this is because the job sounds more interesting and more important to the company. In large part this is also because…

Bad: Got a Thanks But No letter from the Mail people, so my #1 lead becomes #0. Crap, I was thinking that I had done rather well.

Quick analysis suggests that the Search job is about 2/3 “have done this before” and 1/3 “new material for me”. The Mail job would be have been the opposite, more like 1/3 familiar and 2/3 new. So, as excited as I was about working on spam, it looks like it is not going to happen this year. Unless Postini calls me in the next week or so, but that seems unlikely. The universe seems to be sending me a “Not Now” type of message.

Today sucked, but tomorrow will be better.

  1. Happy Angieday to Angie! I missed you, but it wasn’t anything too terrible. log-munch4 should be almost better by the time you return.
  2. Tomorrow is interview #2 for my #1 choice.
  3. Friday is my #1 interview for my #2 choice.
  4. Strange, I totally forgot to follow up with that lady from, I think I said I could go there this week but I don’t remember what day she said.
  5. Back still hurts a little, mostly in the morning, but I am back to 100% functional.

That is all.

Angry about something on NPR: ATC

Did anyone hear this Commentary segment on NPR today? I am trying to decide what bugs me about it…

Web summary reads:
The debate about gay marriage takes center stage in the statehouse — where civil law is formed. But commentator Joe Loconte says religious views of marriage are an essential part of the debate and cannot be divided from the legalities. Loconte says the term “marriage” isn’t obscuring the argument — it’s the heart of the argument.

My transcription of it

woo hoo!

> Hi, Greg:
> You did very well in your first round of interviews and I am interested
> to bring you over next week for your second interview, what time frame
> will be good for you? How about Thursday afternoon?

Um, yes please.

Interview today with Y Mail team

I just chatted with kethry to tell her some good news. Now, I will tell you all!

So I had an interview today. I feel really good about it.

It was at Yahoo. I found out about the job on Monday and applied. The recruiter sent my info to the manager Tuesday and the manager called me at home Tuesday night (last night). When I mentioned I would be on-site at Yahoo tomorrow he said “Great, let me get together some people to interview you.” I was surprised that I got an interview the next day with 4 people. It sounds like I just got right in at the second level :) Doesn’t that kick ass?

It is operations like (as ops-like as it gets but still being in R&D technically) and it is in the Yahoo! Mail team. They were really excited that I’m excited about spam.

So after talking to the guy on the phone last night, I stayed up late last night working on my write-up for the spam server. (See previous journal entry)

Interestingly, I happened to see one of the other managers who wants me, I think he saw me in the conf room with the other team. So later tonight I got a mail from them saying “OK we are ready to interview you, when is good?” That was neat. I kind of like seeing them fight over me :) It almost makes up for the bummer effect of being on transition in the first place.

The second guy (Nam, who contacted me today) — the funny thing is, I know he is *really really* busy right now but I think he panicked a bit when he saw me talking to the other dudes. (“bah! make time for me! I’m important!”)

Anyway, the mail team is now 1st on my list because it involves spam and because they seem excited. The one that is now 2nd on the list was Nam, in the Search team. Both of these are “we’re part of R&D but we do ops-like things because Ops doesn’t 100% cover our needs”. So things like pushing the same software and config to 500 machines, setting up monitoring scripts to page us, etc. Very similar jobs in two different products.

The third one is in actual Production Ops. The only opening they have right now is “DNS Administrator” which is kind of a step down, but I could probably work my way up in that organization really quickly. There is a rumor that they have more reqs and headcount too and may be hiring more people like me but right now there is nothing similar to my current job (half manager/half tech guy). We shall see if they start to get off their asses and interview me. I intend to keep the pressure on :)

That is all.

Spam server details

We have a few domains that used to be used for free email, and have been closed down for quite some time (18 months in the case of They have been heavily abused by spammers. I was tasked with setting up two sendmail servers to catch the mail to postmaster and bounce the rest. Two alpha servers had been doing this job in the NY data center, but that facility closed down.

Here are the details of how mail is set up on mail8 and mail9. Continue reading