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Dinner, Mudds, Sunday

Miche and I are planning to go out to dinner…

Where: Mudd’s Restaurant (San Ramon, California)
When: Sunday April 4 (next weekend) at 6:00 PM PDT
Why: No special occasion, just want to have dinner with friends

Friends of ours, including personal friends, work friends, LJ friends, are all invited. Please let us know by followup here or email if you would like to attend, and we will make sure there are reservations for all. RSVP by Saturday night, please. (Yes, this is the first day of Daylight time, so please set your clocks forward so you won’t miss the main course.)

Dinner at Mudd’s usually runs about $30 with soda and $40 with a couple extras (soup, salad, alcohol, dessert). Check out the site to see the menu. I will buy appetizers for us to share; please be prepared to pay for your own meal (cash preferred). If you are recently (or soon to be) unemployed, I will be taking up a collection to offset some of your costs – if not, let me know if you want to contribute a few bucks to the fund (completely optional).

If you can’t make it at this date, or can’t get to San Ramon, or if you’re just not sure if you will like the food, don’t worry about it… we will try to have dinner out more often and at other places.

Latest from

I subscribe to and I like receiving mail from them. I do this because it is important to me to get G.W.Bush out of office this year.

Sometimes they ask for money, and other times they ask folks to call their senators or something. It’s a good list to be on if you want to help kick some Republican ass.

Here is the latest missive on statements by Richard Clarke. The message seems to be that the administration was too wrapped up in finding a reason to topple President Hussein of Iraq and didn’t pay enough attention to domestic terrorism possibilities. There is enough blame to go around, there are things that the Clinton administration didn’t do either. I think it’s interesting, not necessarily that mistakes were made, but that the Bush administration has chosen to belittle/condemn/dismiss Clarke, who has worked tirelessly against terrorism under Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton and Bush Jr. Continue reading

The REAL difference between stock and broth

As posted in but I wanted to save it in my own journal just for fun.

Inspired by the “difference between stock and broth”…. Meanwhile, on another soundstage (now would be a good time to put down your beverage):

MARSHA: “So Alton, what’s the difference between broth and stock, anyway?”

ALTON: “You know, I would love to be able to tell you, but as I have said before, I’m not a food scientist. But, she is.” [points at SHIRLEY]

[SHIRLEY pops up from behind the counter]

List etiquitte

Dude, someone just insulted me on SPAM-L. Apparently insults are thrown around like candy on Halloween but someone posting an idea that is similar to something mentioned before (or even similar to a web site mentioned before) is heinous and they should be dealt with harshly. That seems backwards.

Anyway I wrote privately to the guy and said “Sorry if I am misinformed or naive but I don’t think that justifies an insult.” I wonder what he might say.