Monthly Archives: October 2003

I had an emotional reaction to something today, and for once I just ran with it. It was not the “cautious” or “proper” thing to do, but it sure made me feel better. I’m not sure if it was out of anger or frustration or just plain spite.

We will see what comes of it. Perhaps nothing. Sorry for being cryptic, I will share at some point but there are good reasons for keeping this one to myself for now.

Weekend Report

Friday: wandered off early. No gaming. I think I made spaghetti.

Saturday: Tried to fix the Tivo channel changing. Seems to be better, but I had to use Super Slow mode (6 seconds each). After taking apart the tivo with the intent of covering the inside emitter, I found out that the series 2 doesn’t have an emitter on the front, so the foil tent doesn’t really help. I think there was some baja fresh burritos at some point. Took back the movie which I didn’t get around to watching (shanghai nights).

Sunday: Failed to do laundry, foot still hurts. Had some pan-fried ramen noodles. mmm, salty starchy goodness. M watched TV, I watched for a while and got bored of it, I don’t understand how anyone can have the patience for ordinary tv anymore now that there is tivo. So instead I spent like 6 hours trying to get Quicken to sync the 401k from Vanguard.

Ow my… ankle? heel?

My right ankle has been in pain for like 3 days now. I have no idea why. I think it coincides roughly with getting up early to exercise Thursday, since I had been a lazy slacker Wednesday. I pedalled OK Thursday morning but developed pain later that day.

It’s not really my ankle I guess but more my heel and bottom of the achilles tendon. It hurts at certain point in my stride (like when I shift weight to the front of that foot and that tendon is holding my heel up off the ground), stretching it aches a little but not a lot. Putting some heat on helps a bit too, as does a double-dose of aspirin.

Not a big deal, just wanted to note it for my reference. I will probably not work out for a few days.

Broccoli Ramen Casserole

Once home, I made Alton’s Broccoli Ramen Casserole and it was excellent. It’s a little Akane-style, mostly because it uses package ramen as an ingredient (uncooked, and including seasoning packet). Instead of mushrooms (mushroom! mushroom!) I used green peas as additional vegetable matter, and caesar dressing instead of bleu cheese dressing, but everything else was to spec. Great casserole, good balance of veggies to noodles actually.

Week so far

Monday: Got transition information delivered (hereafter referred to as “the other shoe”). See previous entry. Initial reaction was not great.

Tuesday: Got some information to suggest that efforts are still ongoing to find positions for everyone. That makes things seem not quite so hopeless. I know a lot can happen in 6 months (3-4 months for most of our team) *and* that there is important work to be done in that time, but I would still rather have an offer now.

Wednesday: Department meeting. Nothing really new here.

Thursday: Job fair today. That went quite well. I talked to *all* the recruiters… probably one would have sufficed, but I wanted to quiz them all about who is who in Yahoo. All my homies got to talk to at least two people as well, including ezray. No specific news, but everyone was upbeat I think.