Monthly Archives: August 2002

More chores

Installed air conditioner (temporary installation, involves cardboard and packing tape. Made dinner. Did the rest of the dishes.
Updated to-do list.
Failed to do curtains, mainly because it’s phucking hot and the AC got bumped up in priority.

Oh and M and I got this new diet/exercise plan, called something like the Six Week Total Body Makeover. It allows you to customize exercise and diet to your particular body style. For me it’s a minor variation on “Eat a reasonable balance, watch portion sizes, and do something aerobic to burn fat” since I didn’t really want to shape my body or bulk up, though there are some shaping exercises I might do. For M there are more exercises and a diet that’s about the same with slightly smaller portions. Anyway, it should be interesting.


OK, first day of my vacation is here. We are planning to use this week to finish up various chores and home improvement tasks (see my to-do list in previous entry). We have already managed to do a few things, most of the big stuff is still remaining to do. The big stuff is mainly painting the rest of the bathroom and installing the cove base and the various wall fixtures again.

That’s all for now!