Monthly Archives: December 2005

Weekend Report

This week, I got caught up on a number of things at work. I feel sort of accomplished.

I also made eggnog, ice cream, and eggnog ice cream, for the company potluck. And I also made about 25 cups of green tea and passed it out to people. Fun fun fun!

Today I made about a gallon more eggnog (4x alton’s recipe). I found egg whites in a carton, but unfortunately they don’t whip up like real egg whites. I stupidly didn’t read the carton, where it says “This product doesn’t whip up like egg whites”. They were right. I am not sure whether to whip up some raw egg whites, or just leave the recipe alone. It seems to be fine on its own, just not as light and fluffy. The eggnog was a hit at the potluck, but the next potluck on Thursday I’m entering my nog to compete against three others in a “nog-off”. So, if I can find pasteurized egg whites specifically for whipping, I can make that, otherwise I’ll probably leave it in its current custardy state.

In other news, work has started on the kitchen, at least the tearing down of the wall between kitchen and dining. It looks better already, I can tell that it will be a lot nicer with a more open plan. The current problem is that we’re not sure where to put the fridge, since it is kind of huge, and sort of dominates the room.

Exercise: I slacked off totally during the week, but managed to make up this weekend, 180 minutes of cardio squeezed into fri/sat/sun.

Exercise review

This week I exercised three days for 1 hr each, for a total of 180 min. I may do some more today, more likely not. This meets my “bare minimum” which is 150, the equivalent of 30 min for 5 days, but doesn’t get to my next goal of 210 min.

I have been a bit careless with both diet and exercise the last couple weeks. Right at this moment I am at 257.6, so that means I have slipped by 5 or 6 pounds. I haven’t been paying a lot of attention to diet, hoping that putting time into exercise would negate the need for it, but I know I really need to do both in order to get to my weight goal. I will keep up the cardio and try to watch portion sizes a little bit for the next couple weeks.

Eggnog, and ice cream

I made Alton’s Eggnog, and it came out pretty good, at least better than the store-bought stuff I think. Ingredients are: Milk, cream, eggs, sugar, and 3 oz. Maker’s Mark. And, freshly grated nutmeg. (let’s see, 3 oz x 90 proof / 1 qt total equals…) It came out to 4% alcohol for the finished product, which is (I think) about as much as a beer.

Also, before starting I stopped at Bevmo and got tiny versions of both Maker’s Mark and Wild Turkey, and I did a side-by-side taste test of just bourbon and milk. The Maker’s Mark was a higher proof, but I didn’t taste the alcohol nearly as much, so it was the winner of the taste test (and I then went and bought a proper-sized container of it :)

This was the “uncooked” version, so the raw-egg warning would apply. Today I will make the cooked version (and just leave out the egg whites, since I can’t seem to find pasteurized egg whites in the carton at the normal megamart) and double the recipe so I will have some to make ice cream out of. Also I need to make some Supervanilla ice cream for the potluck next week. I have plenty of cream and milk, and 3+ dozen eggs (safeway seems to like giving 2:1 on the 18 ct.) so I should be set. Maybe I will try the chocolate ice cream too.