Stuff I am giving away (to friends only)

I would like to pass some stuff on to someone who can use it. If I can find a friend who would like these things, I’d like to pass it on to someone I know. Otherwise I will probably sell it on ebay or something for a small amount.

  • Cell phone: Motorola T720 for use with Verizon. Call Verizon and give them the ID number, or give to a family member you want to add to your plan. Or keep it as a spare. Includes an extra charger. Picture 1Picture 2
  • MP3 player: Creative Nomad Jukebox, 20G. Can be used with either USB or Firewire. Charge via AC adapter (not pictured) or can charge while plugged in a USB port. Comes with USB cable. (I have a Firewire cable too, just ask.) Picture
  • Palm Tungsten C: The kind with a built-in keyboard and 802.11b wireless. Cradle/charger, and an extra USB cable for charging or syncing on the road. Includes a hard metal case. Works fine, I just don’t use it since I got a Treo phone. Picture 1Picture 2

Yes, this offer is open to anyone on my friends list… just tell me they are going to a good home. If you live near me, pick it up, otherwise I’ll let you know how much it costs to ship and you can send it to me on Paypal.

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    1. nekodojo

      fyi, I sent you email, did you get it? you may have tried to reply and got caught by my spam filter… it’s kind of strict. If doesn’t work, also try or

      Just need your shipping address (of where ever you would like it shipped). Shipping will probably be $15 and declared value will probably be $35 – hopefully they won’t charge much in duty. I’ll put GIFT on the customs form in case that helps.

  1. bhanfhlaith

    I could and would actually use any or all of those, being laid off yet again and therefore buying silly things like gas and food. I’m on Verizon already and have a teenaged daughter who isn’t. The MP3 player, just never had one before. Might be nice to work out at the gym with, will it do that? And the Palm, well the coffee shop in Purcellville just opened up a Hot Spot so the 802.11 stuff would be muy nice to have handy.
    I know Arkady asked first about the Palm but if that doesn’t work out, think of me.
    I can drive to get them if it’s a lot of bother to mail them, we’re just west of Leesburg so I’d be coming the Toll Road in.

    1. nekodojo

      I’ll likely send the palm to arkady. I’ll do first-come first-served with the other two, but I want to send them to different homes. So, I’ll let you choose whether you would like the cell phone or mp3 player.

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