Day 4 Food entry

I just had Chinese for lunch. Truthfully, I don’t really know how much carbs I just had.

Thursday March 17
Lunch: Chinese take-away was served for a going-away party for someone. I had about two plates of food, mostly meats with light sauce such as mongolian beef (just the beef), cashew chicken (just the chicken and water chestnusts) shrimp with vegetables (just the shrimp) and a lot of tofu. I avoided rice and anything with heavy sauces. I also had about 8 pieces of broccoli with ranch dip.

My goal is 20g of carbs per day and I suspect this lunch puts me a bit over. But it’s still far below my normal carb intake.

Any food friends who happen to be reading — what are the best foods for low-carb eating at Chinese places? and how carb-heavy are the sauces on the items I had?

Edit: Thursday evening I had beef, chicken, cheese and guacamole.

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      1. merlinofchaos

        Your biggest issue there is the sauce. Broccoli, on the protein power diet, was considered free, because most of the carbs in it are from dietary fiber.

        I seem to recall shrimp, as a meat, actualy has some carbs in it. But in general, most of the carbs you picked up in that meal are going to have been from the sauce, and probably not over 20g in that meal.

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