Monthly Archives: January 2006


I got a new keyboard.

Yes, those are blank keycaps. Yes, it’s quite interesting to type completely without looking, especially passwords. I actually do fine on just straight letters, but I seem to look down a lot for control, numberkeys, etc.

Brief update

We had a lovely dinner at La Pastaia with da_zhuang attending. Everything was delightful. Highly recommend it.

I haven’t updated in a while, but the short update is that I took a week off, got a fair bit done to prepare for kitchen work, and am now back to work and killing more spammers. I’m still not allowed to kill them with my claw hammer, but killing them just the same.

We had a wonderful holiday, seeing some family and friends, but mostly being lazy.

Also, big thank-yous to torquemada and 9thmoon from the kitties. Apparently we *very* much enjoyed the bonito flakes as treats, enough that we blackmailed Mommy into going to the Asian market for a huge bag of shavings. We’ve discovered that we like fish flakes a great deal, thank-you-very-much!

That is all.