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Created another journal

I’m using an alternate journal gconnor_writing to store my writing for the next month, to keep it separate from personal entries.

I expect the writing may be bad, and will definitely be unedited. You may decide to wait for the finished product rather than reading it in real time. If you want to tune in anyway, you may click to the new journal’s info page and use the plus icon to add it to your friends.

Veldan story overview

This is a “character” story according to the MICE categories. This is really Veldan’s “coming of age” story. It takes place over the time from when he is 19 to when he is 25 (or the story might wrap up sooner, I don’t want to fast-forward too much). Basically I will start when he is 19 and seeking his place, and I will wrap up whenever he finds his new comfortable place in the world. He may or may not be done training at the end of the story, but his attraction to Elori will be resolved one way or another.

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Weekend update

Yesterday, M pulled a muscle in her back while we were getting ready to go to aelfsciene‘s party. Not a happy thing. We were able to call the doctor and get a quick prescription called in to Walgreen’s, which I ran and picked up, also getting a picture frame to go with aelfsciene’s housewarming gift. I got a burger for M and got her situated on the couch, then went off to the party anyway.

A enjoyed her gifts, and there was much much food, I did my best to consume a chunk of it. The picture of Kage-sama was blatantly stolen from A’s own page, and adorned with Kanji characters for “kage-sama” as closely as I could approximate. The picture is a little blurry from taking a JPG and blowing it up, but it seemed to come out OK. The modified picture is here – saved as bmp to preserve details so please allow 30 sec to load. A if you want the large version change “sm ” to “lg” and allow 11 min for the large one to load).

M is still in pain and needs help getting around. If she does need to go in to see the doctor, I have no idea how we are going to get her down the stairs. The on-call doctor only gave us 5 pills though, so hopefully our regular doctor will be understanding and just phone for more pills rather than having us come in.

However, I did dishes today (two loads) and I’m feeling smug.

For writers: Info about the MICE

Here’s some info for writers who are not quite sure where the “beginning, middle and end” of their story should be. How To Write Science Fiction And Fantasy is a great book by Orson Scott Card.

We had the fortunate opportunity to see Orson Scott Card speak at a convention last year. He is a great guy, and cares a lot about helping amateur writers with advice. He led a workshop session where audience members collaborated to create a new science-fiction world, by asking “Why,” and “To what result/effect”. This was a great way to establish a cause-and-effect chain, and if the cause-and-effect chain is worked out in some detail, it can be an excellent story setting and a springboard for a number of stories. This was quite interesting as well… I will elaborate more on this if there is interest.

Anyway, there is a section in the book called “The MICE Quotient” which I will summarize a bit (though you should really get the book if this material looks interesting.)

The MICE Quotient, summarized

Ideas for generating characters…

Ideas for generating characters…

I wish I had something that would come up with random character backgrounds, like Central Casting. (Friends- If you have borrowed my copy of Central Casting, please let me know. I think I loaned it to someone in my Altaia game group, but I’m not sure.) Central Casting has a lot of detail, and creates a pretty complete background, but it has drawbacks. 1. it takes a lot of time to generate one character, 2. it is appropriate for medieval/fantasy only, and 3. I have currently mislaid my copy so I can’t use it anyway.

There are a couple online sites that generate NPC’s, at least one is here.

Here is a worksheet, which was part of an article found here. This is not a source of ideas, but guides you through constructing a character from your own ideas. Character Profile Worksheet

just another day in paradise

OK, I just got a copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking and I am playing around with it to see how well it recognizes my voice. It seems to be doing a credible job so far. It looks like I can talk into just about any application where I could type, but I have to be in DragonPad in order to correct or select previous text. I think I can type faster than I talk anyway, so it remains to be seen how valuable this program really is.

In other news, I feel like I didn’t get very much done today, because I had three meetings. They were all very productive (well, at least one of them was productive). I still didn’t do my status report, which I skipped last week as well, so I guess I really should do that.