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It looks like Amazon is taking pre-orders for the My Neighbor Totoro DVD. According to Amazon, this DVD will be out on Dec. 3 and is produced by Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video. It does not say whether it is dubbed or subtitled.

There was one negative review, by someone who said that “this DVD is great for your children if they haven’t seen it yet, but don’t but it for your collection – wait and hope that Disney releases it” and sort of implies that lots of special features are missing.

Anyone else have information about this DVD? Anyway I might buy it regardless, since it is listed as only $11. If any of my friends have an affiliate account, repost the link with your code added and I will buy it through you…

lame again

I am obviously way behind my goal of 2000 words a day. I blame my job for this. This site launch was not supposed to totally eat like six whole days of my life, and two more sizeable chunks of evening time. I consider my job quite rewarding, even though it is not always fun, and l am usually satisfied, and proud of myself and my team. However, this week I feel like I have been sorely used. I am a hero at work, but there is a cost.

Anyway, I was barely keeping my head above water going into this, and losing six and one-half days out of the first 13 did not help matters. I was about a day behind on the 7th, and now it is the 14th and I am 7 days behind.

I tried to make up for this by getting up early and writing more, but between this morning and now I was only able to cough up 650 or so words. I am still bone-tired and sleeping from 1 to 6 doesn’t help. It also doesn’t help that I was held for an additional two hours after work and we had a guest over for dinner.

I will still give it a sporting chance, but if I don’t make it, I am not going to feel guilty about it. What I am going to do is finish the fucking story, November or not. I value work very highly but I am not willing to give up the rest of my life entirely.

Story stalled

Story writing has stalled for a bit, due to work. (We met a huge deadline, it was brutal due to last-minute issues, and the wildfire seems to be 80% contained :)

I feel a bit guilty for leaving Veldan hanging. The month is almost half over and I am only like 18% done. Oh well, I will try to make up for some lost time.

Story thoughts


592 words today. And I erased some material I had accidentally duplicated yesterday, so it was a net gain of about 400.

Lost some time to dicking around with queryint (1 hr) and gladiator (1 hr). I was really only paying attention here from 9:30 to 12:00 with a couple distractions. So I really need like 4-5 hours per day if I am going to do this.

I wanted to do 2000 per day which would have been 10000 by now. I am officially 1 day behind so I have to make that up.

But I had better not stay up late again, I am already getting tired enough to not focus well. I definitely picked the wrong month to have a day job.

Ack, this is getting harder

Ack, this is getting harder, not easier. I have been at this for like 4 hours and have only 1100 tonight.

1. I lost some time with work foo, I was working on work between 6:00 and 8:30. Can’t do that if I want to write and also sleep.

2. Spent some time talking to M about my characters and how I really don’t know them yet. It was interesting, as distractions go.

4. I am at 6408 now. I’m charging ahead to 7180 or at least 7000. Yes, I am nuts, why do you ask?

Good Night

5180 words. That pretty much means: 500 Friday, 2600 Saturday, 2000 Sunday. I was hoping to use the weekend to get a bit ahead and make up for Friday, but it looks like I am barely holding my own.

Anyway, 5180 means I am 10.360% novelist. I am averaging 1666 words per day, which is the bare minimum – this allows for no days off. I would rather get 2000 every day and allow for 5 days off during the month. (On the other hand, if I count Friday as a day off, I’m actually 1000 over. I should be able to make up the 1000 and earn an additional day off :)

Ball is rolling

1909 words so far. Some of these are extra material, like the list of exercises for mages. Oh well, it still counts :)

I skipped around a bit, so if you really want to read things in order, don’t read yet. If you do read, I appreciate any and all comments though.