Monthly Archives: July 2006

Outage report at the Neko

Power was out from about 4:00 pm to about 10:45 pm. I believe both poly(vhostbox) and neko-base(aka box3) are back up and fine, but let me know if anything seems amiss. As mentioned before, I will start moving stuff to external hosting a bit more aggressively now.

A/C had been keeping the house at 78F until the outage. It crept up slowly to about 83F downstairs, 86F upstairs by about 6:30. When it started getting a bit dark we opened the windows… it seemed about the same outside as inside. In reality it was probably still 95F outside. The inside kept getting warmer, even after dark (partly due to 3-4 candles going? hmmm). Anyway as of when power was restored it was 90F inside. A/C has brought it down 3 degrees in the last half hour.

At the time of the outage I was kneading out some dough for some pocket pies. We’ll see tomorrow if my dough is still viable. Hopefully a night in the fridge won’t kill it. It’s not supposed to “rise” much anyway and its bubbles are from double-acting baking powder and not from yeast.

power is currently out at our place. neko-hosted pages, poly pages and poly lists are down.

I should have moved sites off to external hosting by now but I haven’t spent much time on it. oh well..

i’ll keep everyone posted.

Exercise check in

According to my exercise log, both yesterday and today I have actually met my exercise goal (goal is 210 minutes over 7 days or 30 min avg per day)

From this point forward I will count “good days” as days for which the total minutes for that day and the 6 previous days was 210 or more. That means I have had 2 “good” days this month. If I shoot for 45 min/day I can do 45,45,45,45,30 and take two days off, and still meet my targets.

I’ve discovered that my weight can vary something like 4 or 5 pounds during the day. Not really surprising since a liter of water is 2 pounds. It may also be my scale… I can change up to 3 pounds by placing my feet a little farther apart on the scale. But it’s probably close enough over the average. Despite such fluctuations I think it’s safe to say that I have lost something like 4 pounds in the last month. A pound a week is what I think of as a safe and steady rate… now I just need to keep it up.

My first chicken pie

Here’s the recipe to go with the pictures in the previous entry. It was based on this: Curry Chicken Pot Pie from Good Eats: Casserole Over.

I made it according to the directions except for the following:
More onions: about 2C diced instead of 1C
More broth: 1 can of broth is 14 oz, more like 1.75C instead of 1.5C
More liquid: I also added the reserved liquid from the canned chicken (2 cans of mixed light-and-dark chicken meat is about 2C but I couldn’t bring myself to toss the extra liquid, about 1.5C)
More butter and flour: I was afraid by adding more liquid I would not have enough thickening power, so more roux!
No curry (M is allergic) and no parsley (didn’t have any). I was going to add garlic to compensate but I forgot.

Instead of topping with puff pastry and serving casserole-style, I opted for two presentations. The first was a standard pie crust (bought frozen) which despite some tearing, seemed to turn out fine. I blind-baked the bottom crust for 10m but I probably could have done without that step.

The second, done to use up the extra filling, was a chicken and dumplings variation- basically it was a tube of Pilsbury biscuit dough, broken up into pieces and stuck into the casserole dish along with the filling. I probably had about as much dumpling as stew, probably too much, but I love biscuits so I thought it was just fine :)

Thoughts for next time… it was a little over-thick for a stew (0.33C of flour instead of 3T) but for the pie it seemed about right. The C&D was a bit dry because I overdid it on the biscuits. Next time, the full amount of biscuits would probably have been OK with the full amount of filling, but not for a half-batch. The inflated version of the recipe probably would have been enough for a large casserole or for 2 pies. The flavor was a little bit bland… next time I will need to use the parsley or find some other chicken-stew kind of spice.

Next project: pocket pies/pasties…