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Weekend Report, and Move In Report

Thursday: At this point in time, pretty much all the books were packed, but nothing else was. mistyshadows helped to pack some more boxes of books and CDs, DVDs, and other trinkets in the entertainment center. We bought sushi for ourselves and ate it at home.

Friday: Escaped from work a bit early. Made food and continued packing. mistyshadows came to help some more. mistyshadows is wonderful. We got some more stuff packed from the closets and bathrooms.

Saturday: M’s parents came over to help with various packing. Due to bad planning, we ended up with not enough paper to wrap all the dishes, so we took the 8 loads of laundry and packed the clothes interspersed with the dishes. mistyshadows showed up also and helped pack clothes from the bedroom. We delivered the half-full boxes of clothes to the kitchen to be packed with more dishes. Also the guy showed up to properly seal up the air conditioner opening in the window — it looks much better with a sheet of plexiglass there instead of cardboard and duct tape :)

Sunday: More packing, and mistyshadows again helped me with getting organized, and making sure everything in the house was on the list, and labelled with a destination room in the new house. After some talking, M and I decided not to have the TV and entertainment center in the living room, because it would pretty much dominate the space and make it a TV-shrine-room instead of a living room. Things were labelled. I got to sleep about 1 am.

Monday: M woke me up about 7:30. I wasn’t planning to get up until 8:20, but the movers showed up at 8 am so it’s a good thing I was up and dressed. BOY did we have a HELL of a time getting all the cats into the bathroom. Basically, since M’s back was hurting her quite badly, we decided that she would take a bath and hang out with the cats while the movers did their thing.

Getting Sophie and Harley to comply was easy… but since the movers were already there and stomping around, talking, etc… both Bunny and Simon hid behind and under things. I made the movers stay outside for like 15 min while I tried to get Bunny… I finally picked him up and delivered him to the bathroom without getting gouged or punctured. Simon was still not coming out from under the bed, so I closed the door to the guest bedroom as well and the movers proceeded to do their things.

Boxes flowed out of the house like water. Which is to say, smoothly, but not quietly, since the hand-trucks went THUNK THUNK THUNK THUNK all the way down the cement staircase. It turns out that they did not want to pack the stereo/video components, so I just took them out of the cabinet and they proceeded to take the cabinet itself. (They did move the TV which was the biggest hassle of everything… I don’t mind moving some stereo components myself.) We had a minor scare when the Special Tool With The Weird Square Bit was missing, which meant that we wouldn’t be able to take apart the entertainment center… We could not figure it out, but after a call to mistyshadows, she confirmed that it was last seen there and she didn’t move it, so we should check behind the unit. There it was, behind the unit on the floor. I unscrewed it part way, the moving guy unscrewed it the rest of the way, and it too flowed out of the building.

I had a frenzied time unhooking all the computers and packing the keyboards and cables, so that they could take the desks. It turns out that they didn’t want to take the monitors (though they were able to take a much larger TV, go figure) so I will have to come back for those also. I finished the desks in plenty of time, since they hadn’t taken the queen bed apart yet.

When all obstacles were cleared, I took a trip to the store and Subway to get sandwiches, Pepsi and water for everyone, and the moving guys were very happy to have lunch brought to them. Last bit of loading was done. I left M at home with four cats, a laptop, and half a sandwich :)

At the new house, everything went pretty smoothly. I told people where to take stuff and they took it there. Probably the hardest part was the bookcases and books, which went to the spare bedroom. (Most everything was marked, but the few things that weren’t were easy to deal with). The big changes from the old place were: 1. No carport, everything needing “storage” went to the garage. 2. The entertainment center went to the garage instead of the living room. 3. There is only one desk in the spare room, the other desk is in the garage. 4. The queen futon frame came out of storage and into the spare bedroom, with no futon on it yet. 5. The futon couch frame which was being used as an extra full bed is now in the living room as a second couch, also with no futon on it yet. 6. Finally, the full size futon that smells like cat pee was left behind in the closet to be disposed of later.

(By the way, if you are interested in a new entertainment center or you know someone who is, please email me. Reasonable pricing available — mention this post :)

After the movers were done unloading, mistyshadows came to meet me, and while waiting for her, I checked the mail in the new mailbox. About 12 items were for the old owner, so I marked them “RTS- Not at this addr”. Among them were a taiwanese-american club newsletter, a clever-items-for-your-home catalog, an advertisement marked “sexually explicit”, three offers for pre-approved credit, and a rifle/hunting catalog. Hopefully he gets the mail forwarded elsewhere. One item was for me (from the title company). Forwarding of our mail should start tomorrow, I think.

mistyshadows and I went back to the old place to pick up M, the cats, cat food and frozen/cold food. (DID I MENTION THAT mistyshadows IS FREAKING COOL! THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP!) The cats were freaked out from the house being full of noisy men and scary thumping banging noises, and then finding it empty, so they didn’t want to get into carriers, and by the time they were poured into carriers and transported 25 min to the house, they were all pretty freaked. Simon and Bunny immediately hid inside the couch (not *under* the couch but *inside* the back of it). Sophie and Harley took it in stride, but Bunny took two hours to come out, and Simon didn’t come out until after we were asleep (like 6 hours). After trying to calm them down and bribing them with treats, I went to the McD and secured some dinner.

Final thing before going to bed, I separated the clothes from the dishes and made two sets of boxes, all re-labelled, so I would have clothes for the morning. During the night, all the cats had to explore the windows and rattle the blinds, as well as grumble and hiss at each other when getting too close or fighting over bed space. I also got up a couple times to help M. I have no idea where my travel alarm or clock radio are, so I set both my watch and phone, but I was up and awake before they went off anyway.

Tuesday: The commute to work sucked, because 1. I missed the opportunity to get on 680 by being on the wrong side, and 2. I exited 880N too early, taking Montague instead of 237, which has traffic lights and also back-tracks a little. So it took me 47 minutes to get to work, when it should be closer to 40.

That is all for now. Thanks to everyone who helped, especially mistyshadows. The moral of the story is – 1. Pack Absolutely Everything Before Moving Day Comes, and 2. Hiring Professional Movers Is Totally Worth It.

Satellite TV poll

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Weekend report

Friday- There was a party thing at work, so I stayed until about 5:30 or so. On the way home, got a call from D asking if we want to come for dinner. We did so, and had a good time.

Dinner was grilled tri-tip, sausages and asparagus. Asparagus turned out pretty good- we laid like 8-10 of them in a row and then skewered them together with a short skewer perpendicular to the stems at about the 1/3 and 2/3 positions. Brushed them with a little olive oil and shook on salt and pepper, then grilled for like 4 min. The only problem we had was that the asparagus spears were really thin and tender so they kept breaking, but mostly they held together OK… this would have been a bit easier if the spears were a little on the chunky side.

After a short movie and some videos, and some ice cream, we headed for home about 1:00.

Saturday- Laundry was washed… not all of it but about half of it. I also finished the rest of the vinyl tile in the bathroom. Then I went to bed.

Sunday- Went to home depot and got two toilets (good deal, 69.90 each for a complete kit). Chris came over at 2:00, right after the power went out. Power came back on at like 3:00 or something. We went to Fry’s, then Baja Fresh, then back home. Chris helped me to install the toilet – everything seems to be fine, no leaks so far – the only thing left to do is to hacksaw the super-long bolts so the caps will fit over them. The only problem was that the hose wasn’t quite right, so I got to Home Depot just as they were closing and managed to get the right part.

I now feel pretty confident in being able to replace the other toilet, but I still have seething hatred for installing vinyl. Finally went to bed about 11:30.

Weird dream

I got woke up by a call on my cell, from someone who didn’t leave a message, but whose number is 408-275-8379. (If this is your number, let me know and I’ll remove it :) It was 6:43 and I decided to get a little more sleep, knowing my alarm was set for 7:20.

Well. I woke up a couple more times, the first time I thought, “I’m still a little tired, I wonder how much longer I have before the alarm goes off.” The second time I thought, “Hmm, that’s strange, it should have gone off by now, I really should…” Then the third time I thought “OK, I am less tired than I expected to be this morning, something is definitely wrong.” That was at 9:51.

So I got up and emailed my boss to let him know I was betrayed by the little “AM/PM” indicator on my alarm, and that I would be in shortly.

I can’t actually remember much of my dream, except that it was kind of cool. Everyone had magic spells, which we could activate through these little devices that looked like cell phones or calculators or something. The spells were based on words or syllables made of letters, except I had another unit which had numbers on it and that meant I could access more spells. It was sort of Matrix-like I guess.

That’s all for now.