Dream notes

Today’s dream involves me on a train and a bus. I was out golfing with my dad, and we were on the last hole, which for some reason was on a train instead of out on the grass (at least the hole was on the train). Some guy was getting ready to shoot with a wedge, but was taking a long time because his ball was stuck next to an electrical regulator box or something. A helpful lady was trying to explain the preferred shot to use when your ball is stuck behind an electrical regulator box- apparently you would use a wedge and strike downward almost like a chopping motion, which she helpfully demonstrated. This guy (probably one of my dad’s friends) was taking forever to set up the shot and take it, so I grabbed my own wedge and started to practice the same shot too (and the helpful lady came over to help me get the right angle). I explained that the clubs were a bit long for a person of my height and she agreed, that was apparently what was causing me to strike at a different angle, but it didn’t matter much since this was the last hole.

I then got distracted by some of the vending machines further along the train. By the time I realized it, the rest of the group had finished and only one guy remained on the train; the others had gone including my dad. (why did I type older instead of others). I knew my dad was waiting for me back in Spokane and he probably wouldn’t have got off the train without me except he probably couldn’t see me and figured I had already got off. I must have transferred to a bus at some point because we were no longer on the train but on a bus. This bus was headed out of town toward the university in Cheny (only the hills made it look like we were headed for Sandpoint or something, I didn’t think much of it at the time.) We were almost to the destination, so I decided to ride back, and I would call my dad and have him meet me on his way home. The driver explained that he couldn’t drive out of his way to drop me off, and I said something like “no problem, wherever you normally stop is fine, or wherever you have to return the bus” and this seemed to satisfy him.

I tried calling my dad from the bus, but my cellphone died, so I figured I had no choice but to get off the bus and call him from a pay phone. The bus was cruising along some backroads that now looked like they could be somewhere between Napa and Santa Rosa, lots of trees arching over the road. We passed a nice house with huge windows and a huge deck, and in the dream I knew it was “Lonnie’s old house” (though in RL I don’t think I have seen any house like it and certainly not where Lonnie lived). The bus turned left and stopped in front of a restaurant/coffee shop in the middle of nowhere almost, and one other guy stood up to get off, so I started to get off too, hoping there would be a payphone there. I think I woke up at this point, since I don’t remember actually getting off the bus or approaching the building. (End of dream)

I’m not sure why I seem to have dreams about trains, I wonder what trains symbolize for me, maybe that I’m riding along here in my life and the steering is being done for me? That I’m on a journey whose endpoint is predictable? Hmm.

Anyway I got woke up by the NOC at 6:40, apparently some engineer had requested me by name, but I still updated the page so that my name wasn’t on it this week. So, now I’m up, might as well make coffee.

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