Things to do list

Would like to do this week:

Clean up
Clean up bedroom: Heater, TV stand, futon frame
Clean up patio: Wood, Wire fence material, Cat kennel, Litter boxes, Extra area rug, chair
Clean up kitchen: Cookbooks, Tools, Duct tape, Rice cooker, Sandwich grill, Stuff on cutting board
Clean up my desk File papers
Clean up living room: Box of computer stuff, bag of games, two cat carriers, stuff on hearth
Clean up dining room: Extension cord, tools, bag of games, old receipts, bags, papers

Shopping- Safeway
Mailing box

Home improvemt
Paint 1st bathroom
Hang curtain in bedroom

Install air conditioner Reblock air conditioner with actual wood
Serious carpet cleaning
Sweep in kitchen
Do dishes
Take out trash and recycling

Wish list
Better lamp for computer area

Will probably postpone these:

Home improvemt
Fix both toilets to flush properly
Hang fabric
Replace linoleum
Redo tile on hearth
Wood floors everywhere

Do something about fleas
Rearrange bed, bookcase, etc

Wish list
Hutch or china cabinet
Skinny bookcase for computer area
2nd bookcase for bedroom

8/25: Trash, recycling, take out futon frame, sweep out dining room.
8/26: Dishes mostly done, get another curtain rod, get light for computer area, hang light.
8/27: Installed air conditioner (temporary installation, involves cardboard and packing tape. Made dinner. Did the rest of the dishes.
8/28: Sweeping, put away dishes, cleaned up desk.
8/29: Hung curtains in bedroom.

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