New friends

I just added a couple folks to my friends list. No, I don’t think we have met, but we have some friends in common and some shared interests, so this is one way to say HI.

0 thoughts on “New friends

  1. thistle_chaser

    Hi back atcha! I suspect we haven’t met, but I see your name come up in the LJ of folks I know, so since you listed me as a friend I thought I’d say hello! (Breathe, Thistle, breathe.)

    Which search engine are you working for? I know there was a Greg Connor at AltaVista, but I guess that’s a pretty common name.

    1. nekodojo

      Yup, that would be me, I’ve been at AltaVista three years and counting. I used to work with (or at least near) cyrano, so there’s at least one link. Perhaps we have met but I can’t mentally connect the dots if so. Anyway, thanks for replying :)

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