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Exercise and food

First day of exercising in the morning. Nothing too exciting… this morning’s workout took roughly 10 minutes and consisted of: 3 stretches, 4 mini-crunches, 5 leg lifts, 3 mini-push-ups, jogging in place for 160(x2) steps, and 7 jumping jacks.

This was “Level 2” on the fitness scale (see previous post for link to _The Hacker’s Diet_ chapter: “What, Me Exercise?”). It was pretty easy to complete, but I spent the next half-hour coughing up something from my chest, so I’m perfectly willing to follow Walker’s advice and stay at this “level” for a week before turning it up a notch.

The only exercise that was a bit awkward was what he called “Leg Lifts (Introductory)” – lying on your stomach, lift your head and left leg, smoothly lower both, then lift your head and right leg and lower. It’s not uncomfortable enough to make me stop doing them, though.

Food: Yesterday I tracked what I ate on WW, not trying to modify my eating but just tracking. Even with McDonald’s breakfast it came out to 38.5 POINTS! out of a possible 41. So, either something is really wrong with my POINTS!! total or else I’m doing mostly OK and just need to moderate my portion sizes a bit. (I love it how it’s always POINTS in the WW material, like they think they have a servicemark on the word. :)

Health check-in

It’s January, and I’m a little late for “resolutions”, but I’d like to go through part of the exercise anyway. That is, I want to take the opportunity to examine myself and decide what I would like to change about myself. Whether I follow through and end up in a better place next year is not yet certain, but at least I’ll have a record.
My weight and general fitness