Outage report at the Neko

Power was out from about 4:00 pm to about 10:45 pm. I believe both poly(vhostbox) and neko-base(aka box3) are back up and fine, but let me know if anything seems amiss. As mentioned before, I will start moving stuff to external hosting a bit more aggressively now.

A/C had been keeping the house at 78F until the outage. It crept up slowly to about 83F downstairs, 86F upstairs by about 6:30. When it started getting a bit dark we opened the windows… it seemed about the same outside as inside. In reality it was probably still 95F outside. The inside kept getting warmer, even after dark (partly due to 3-4 candles going? hmmm). Anyway as of when power was restored it was 90F inside. A/C has brought it down 3 degrees in the last half hour.

At the time of the outage I was kneading out some dough for some pocket pies. We’ll see tomorrow if my dough is still viable. Hopefully a night in the fridge won’t kill it. It’s not supposed to “rise” much anyway and its bubbles are from double-acting baking powder and not from yeast.

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