of interest to a small number

For my web homies

I have moved a bunch of directories from your home directory to /home/domains/whatever.com/. This is being done in preparation for possibly sending web requests to a different server in the future (after the files have been synchronized of course).

Mostly this should not affect you. I have left symlinks in the old location pointing to the new location, so if you just cd where you expect stuff to be, you’ll be taken where you need to go. The web pages should still all be functional, though you may want to take a moment to verify that everything is still working.

Take a look and let me know if anything is wrong… The only things that might break are any cgi scripts that need their path hardcoded into them.

Eventually I will be updating DNS so that web queries go to the new server. I will let you know before this happens. This should probably not affect you much either, though if you have any cgi scripts that create/update data files (guestbook, gallery, etc) we should coordinate to decide which server should serve the cgi…

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