My first chicken pie

Here’s the recipe to go with the pictures in the previous entry. It was based on this: Curry Chicken Pot Pie from Good Eats: Casserole Over.

I made it according to the directions except for the following:
More onions: about 2C diced instead of 1C
More broth: 1 can of broth is 14 oz, more like 1.75C instead of 1.5C
More liquid: I also added the reserved liquid from the canned chicken (2 cans of mixed light-and-dark chicken meat is about 2C but I couldn’t bring myself to toss the extra liquid, about 1.5C)
More butter and flour: I was afraid by adding more liquid I would not have enough thickening power, so more roux!
No curry (M is allergic) and no parsley (didn’t have any). I was going to add garlic to compensate but I forgot.

Instead of topping with puff pastry and serving casserole-style, I opted for two presentations. The first was a standard pie crust (bought frozen) which despite some tearing, seemed to turn out fine. I blind-baked the bottom crust for 10m but I probably could have done without that step.

The second, done to use up the extra filling, was a chicken and dumplings variation- basically it was a tube of Pilsbury biscuit dough, broken up into pieces and stuck into the casserole dish along with the filling. I probably had about as much dumpling as stew, probably too much, but I love biscuits so I thought it was just fine :)

Thoughts for next time… it was a little over-thick for a stew (0.33C of flour instead of 3T) but for the pie it seemed about right. The C&D was a bit dry because I overdid it on the biscuits. Next time, the full amount of biscuits would probably have been OK with the full amount of filling, but not for a half-batch. The inflated version of the recipe probably would have been enough for a large casserole or for 2 pies. The flavor was a little bit bland… next time I will need to use the parsley or find some other chicken-stew kind of spice.

Next project: pocket pies/pasties…

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  1. amcnh

    I’d always blind bake ifyou want crust and not a soggy mess. You need to give the pie an opportunity to set up so it doesn’t get icky.

    Blind bake is a good thing ™

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