Eggnog, and ice cream

I made Alton’s Eggnog, and it came out pretty good, at least better than the store-bought stuff I think. Ingredients are: Milk, cream, eggs, sugar, and 3 oz. Maker’s Mark. And, freshly grated nutmeg. (let’s see, 3 oz x 90 proof / 1 qt total equals…) It came out to 4% alcohol for the finished product, which is (I think) about as much as a beer.

Also, before starting I stopped at Bevmo and got tiny versions of both Maker’s Mark and Wild Turkey, and I did a side-by-side taste test of just bourbon and milk. The Maker’s Mark was a higher proof, but I didn’t taste the alcohol nearly as much, so it was the winner of the taste test (and I then went and bought a proper-sized container of it :)

This was the “uncooked” version, so the raw-egg warning would apply. Today I will make the cooked version (and just leave out the egg whites, since I can’t seem to find pasteurized egg whites in the carton at the normal megamart) and double the recipe so I will have some to make ice cream out of. Also I need to make some Supervanilla ice cream for the potluck next week. I have plenty of cream and milk, and 3+ dozen eggs (safeway seems to like giving 2:1 on the 18 ct.) so I should be set. Maybe I will try the chocolate ice cream too.

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  1. esmerel

    I think I saw pasteurized egg whites at Trader Joe’s the other day. Sadly, there ain’t many close to us. There’s one on Bascom in the pruneyard, the next closest is sunnyvale, by toys r us

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