Weekend update

Yesterday, M pulled a muscle in her back while we were getting ready to go to aelfsciene‘s party. Not a happy thing. We were able to call the doctor and get a quick prescription called in to Walgreen’s, which I ran and picked up, also getting a picture frame to go with aelfsciene’s housewarming gift. I got a burger for M and got her situated on the couch, then went off to the party anyway.

A enjoyed her gifts, and there was much much food, I did my best to consume a chunk of it. The picture of Kage-sama was blatantly stolen from A’s own page, and adorned with Kanji characters for “kage-sama” as closely as I could approximate. The picture is a little blurry from taking a JPG and blowing it up, but it seemed to come out OK. The modified picture is here – saved as bmp to preserve details so please allow 30 sec to load. A if you want the large version change “sm ” to “lg” and allow 11 min for the large one to load).

M is still in pain and needs help getting around. If she does need to go in to see the doctor, I have no idea how we are going to get her down the stairs. The on-call doctor only gave us 5 pills though, so hopefully our regular doctor will be understanding and just phone for more pills rather than having us come in.

However, I did dishes today (two loads) and I’m feeling smug.

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