Veldan story ideas

Musing about Veldan’s mentor/patron and the patron’s daughter

Veldan’s patron/mentor:
Here’s what we know about him (followed by some questions and possibilities)
Name: unknown? How about “Rynris Danard of Loeth As’ilde”
Race: Elf
Lives in New Providence with his daughter
Daughter was a full elf (or possibly half-elf?)
Daughter’s mother was not in the picture (died? this would make sense if the mother was human or half-elven)
Decided to hire Veldan as a servant and possible apprentice. (Not sure if “apprentice” was part of the deal from the start or not. Probably the old man knew Veldan’s potential but didn’t tell him until he had served as a household servant for a while and proved trustworthy)
Probably would be surprised to see that Veldan has a magical gift which is compatible with elven magic, at first. Maybe he will justify taking him in by speculating that perhaps Veldan had a distant Elven ancestor.
Has been living in New Providence for a while, but probably came originally from an Elven town. (Why did he leave? Does he choose not to go back, or is he not welcome back due to some long-ago scandal? If he were exiled that might explain his somewhat contemptuous act of training an outsider.)
If elves live to be about 800 years old on average, he is probably 600 years old.

Patron’s daughter:
Name: unknown? How about “Elori Kallmos Danard”
If the daughter is full elven, she is probably 100 to 150 and at the cusp of starting to be an adult. The years are probably about 10 to 1, but I am guessing that elves spend a larger percentage of their lives in adulthood than in childhood/adolescence compared to humans. (On the other hand if the mother were human, the daughter might have a lifespan of only 400 years, and she might be 60 or 80 at the start of her adult life. This would be long enough to outlive her mother for sure.)
Veldan is 19 and will be 25 when he leaves his patronage to seek his fortune. She will probably regard him as a younger brother.
She will probably not be physically attracted to him but may be affectionate toward him in a kid-brother kind of way. Or, she might flirt with him or tease him.
She will train with Veldan and they will be sort of competitive. Perhaps they start out as racy/flirty, then competitive with friendly banter, then end up with her just being maternal and protective.
If her mother is human, she probably took the mother’s surname/family name as her middle name, so that she could be recognized as part of the mother’s family as well. It would be ironic if the mother was a minor noble among humans or at least from a well-known family, because she would live to see her uncles, cousins and nieces/nephews grow old, and end up as the great aunt to most of the surviving family members.

(Here are some random names: Elori Sayos Banac Rynris Eldirsam Estemris Tialery Aleald Benver Tanobur Loethrak Tanrad Torsaymos Eld’ril Angmor Elmdraend Orler Eidanard As’ilde Elm’ashe)

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