Seeking a good mail client

I have been using Mulberry for a long time but it’s starting to feel old and clunky to me. Mulberry 2.2.1 is dated 2002 and I don’t recall why I didn’t upgrade to 3.0… it was some new feature I didn’t like and couldn’t figure out how to get the old behavior back.

So, I’m putting the question to my LJ brain trust: What (windows) program do you use to read your mail, and do you like it? (If you don’t read your mail on a Windows machine, or if you use telnet/ssh or a web browser to read mail, you do not need to answer… I have web-based and text-based mail readers that I like pretty well)

I’m hoping there’s something out there better than Outlook, and I’m willing to pay. IMAP multiple folders and multiple identities are a must.

8 thoughts on “Seeking a good mail client

  1. esmerel

    I’m using thunderbird now, have been for a while. I’ve still got procmail filters set up on my shell account side – it’s cleaner that way IMO, but it’s been fairly stable. Merlin uses it also.

    1. merlinofchaos

      Aye. I use multiple identities and multiple folders. Procmail for filtering, though at work I use Thunderbird’s filtering. I find filtering better on the server when I have multiple station sthat can access the email, since it means my filters don’t care who the client is. Unfortunately his also means I’m stuck with traditional unix style mail and I’m really wanting to move to something database driven because IMAP performance starts to really suck at the volume my email has been getting to. But that’s not related to Thunderbird.

      Thunderbird has a couple of weaknesses, mostly in the areas of message templating (and a surprising lack of extensions that address this; it may mean that such things are endemic to the software itself.)

      It does have iCal integration via an extension, which would theoretically be handy if I had a decent iCal server.

    1. Anonymous

      Eudora has worked pretty well for me. Multiple e-mail addresses w/ associated “personalities” (as they call it.) As many folders as you like.

      Filtering could be more sophisticated, but it does all that I really need. Mostly things like setting a priority indicator or redirecting to a certain folder, all based on keywords (regex capable) in the headers or body of the e-mail.

      J (bro of C)

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