WoW server question

I’m sad that even though I have a lot of friends that play WoW, they are all on different servers. I would love to hang out, chat, quest and even RP with my friends, but I hate having to pick and choose.

If you play WoW, and especially if you might like to play, hang, chat, rp, quest, etc. with me, please comment here! I wish to know: What server(s) do you play on? Would you consider coming to another server occasionally? Would you move your chars to another server? If you did move to another server, who else would you try to convince to come with you? While playing, how much time do you spend grouping with others vs. soloing vs. RP vs. fishing/farming, or what? What times of day do you play?

5 thoughts on “WoW server question

  1. nekodojo

    M and I currently split our time between Borean Tundra and Medivh, each of which has friends we like to hang out with. We drop in at Steamwheedle Cartel occasionally but then only to chat, and so far we haven’t quested there much.

    We don’t quest together with friends as much as I would like… most of the time we are either solo-ing or grouping with just M and I. The notable exception to this is a large 6-person all-warlock group which we play for 3 or 4 hours every 2 weeks. It’s great fun but happens infrequently…

    I would seriously consider moving to another server if I could get a couple friends to follow me. I would love to get a larger group of friends together so we are more likely to be online at the same time, and thus more likely to group/help each other instead of soloing most of the time. I would also like to spend some time on RP but so far haven’t had really any chance.

  2. agrimony

    If I played WoW still, I would. but sadly, I don’t. Heck, I don’t even remember what server my main was on. huh.

    Now it’s all about LOTRO, baybee! :) Sometimes I miss WoW, but I never had anyone to group with there, so really I don’t.

  3. torquemada

    I play on Windrunner, though I’d consider starting over on another server, if that server were PVE (and preferably non-RP as well). I prefer to solo but I like being able to chat, and having folks I can do group quests with sometimes would be nice.

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