Further adventures in customer support: Blizzard

Blizzard is no shining star in this matter either, though I’m willing to forgive one slip of the "respond with form letter" button.

> Request ————————————
> Product: World of Warcraft
> Category: Payment Issues
> Subcategory: Credit or Debit Card
> Description ——————————–
> After a charge was declined by my bank, I called my bank (Chase) and they informed me that they are refusing all charges from Blizzard due to unusually high number of chargebacks.
> I’m upset that I can’t use my favorite credit card (my only credit card, actually) for paying Blizzard. Can you update me on what Blizzard has done and what you plan to do to get back on board with Chase?

andyp.support@blizzard.com wrote:
> Greetings,
> At this time, the only payment options we accept for subscription fees are credit cards, PayPal, PhoneBill, pre-paid game cards and digital game time purchased through the Blizzard Online Store. If you have a debit card that carries the logo of a major credit card issuer (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover), you should be able to use that, as well.
> **Please Note: At this time, Discover, American Express, PayPal, and PaymentOne are not supported as payment options in the Latin-American countries. Any updates regarding this issue will be posted on our main page at http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/.**
> In addition, because of address verification problems, pre-paid credit cards and "virtual" credit cards may not be accepted by our authorization system. Please note that all credit cards must be issued and billed within the supported regions (U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand). Please contact your financial institution for more information.
> We are always evaluating new ways to serve our customers and appreciate the feedback we receive. If we do decide to expand our payment options, we will post an announcement to http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/.
> Regards,
> Andy P.
> Billing & Account Services
> Blizzard Entertainment
> www.worldofwarcraft.com

Hi Andy.

Your reply didn’t address my original question at all. I would like to give you another opportunity to re-read my initial question and respond more appropriately.

Here are the important points, in case I wasn’t clear.
1. My Visa card is from Chase (that’s a well-known bank name)
2. I have used this card to pay Blizzard many times in the past
3. Now Chase is declining ALL transactions from Blizzard and has informed me that they will not pay Blizzard and advised me to use another card.
4. I’m upset about this

What I’d like to know, in case this wasn’t clear from my message, is what Blizzard has done and what Blizzard plans to do to get back on board with Chase?
In addition to satisfying my curiousity, I would also like at least one person at Blizzard to say that he understands why I’m upset, and express a willingness to at least register a complaint into the system. Let me also say that I’m equally upset with Chase and I’ve contacted them as well… I totally believe that both companies have behaved badly in order for the problem to get to this point.

Thanks for your time!

2 thoughts on “Further adventures in customer support: Blizzard

  1. wildpaletz

    Oh I HATE this. I had a similar sort of email conversation with Sony tech support. It went sort of like this.

    Wildpaletz via webform: I have a .msv file I need to translate into a quicktime file. .msv is your proprietary format for your digital recorders. I don’t have access to the specific digital recorder anymore. Can you help me?

    Sony support: I’m sorry, we need the model # to answer your question.

    Wildpaletz: I don’t know the model # because I don’t have access to that digital recorder any more. I think it was purchased in 2004 or 2005 if that helps. I need to translate a file from .msv, your format, to something I can read.

    Sony support: I’m sorry, we need the model # or we can’t answer your question.

    Wildpaletz: Okay, dumbasses, let me try this again. I don’t have the model #. I can’t get the model #. I do have a file in your proprietary software format, .msv, which I don’t have the software for. You have translation software so I can turn it into a quicktime file. What is the link to it? Your stupid website won’t help me if I don’t have a model #, which is why I contacted you directly. If I’d had the model #, I wouldn’t be having this inane email conversation.

    Sony support. Oh. It’s at this link: blah blah blah.

    Wildpaletz: Thank you.

    I hope Blizzard eventually answers your question.

  2. aellya

    If I was you, I’d contact Chase bank and tell them that you have a credit card with them for a reason, and that is so you can use it to make online transactions. If they won’t accept the charges, you will have to go and find another bank and another credit card and transfer your money to them.

    This is more something your credit card company needs to fix, not you, you shouldn’t be having to deal with blizzard at all.
    It seems to me Chase is being ridiculous. Blizard is a legitimate company. I’d threaten to take your business elsewhere if they won’t stop harassing you by not paying your bill.

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