Harley is gone

Miche already posted about this, but I wanted to post also, for anyone who is on my flist and not hers.

Harley died at about 5:40 today. It became clear to us that it was time to let him go. In addition to the pretty rampant cancer (stage 5 lymphoma) he was facing additional challenges, including leukemia (due to cancer, not viral), loss of liver function, not enough protein in the blood and resulting leakage of fluid into his abdomen, and finally pneumonia. Treatment for all of these would have been grueling and the prognosis still grim. I truly believe we made the right decision to try and fight it, but the aggressive chemo took its toll.

We spent about a half hour with him before doing the deed. He was clearly happy to see us and after a while, ended up going to sleep while we were petting him, and the doctor was able to give injections without startling him, so he just dozed off and a few moments later, was gone.

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  1. nekodojo

    I was pleased with the treatment overall by the emergency vet (United Emergency Animal Clinic in Campbell) and the specialist vet practice we saw during the daytime (Veterinary Medical Specialists, in the same building as the animal clinic).

    It took a little longer to get there (16 minute drive) so I would like to find another emergency vet closer to our house, but for situations where an extra 10 minutes doesn’t matter much, I think it’s very worth the drive to Campbell.

    Veterinary Medical Specialists is a very specialized practice, and they prefer to only take referrals from other vets rather than walk-ins and routine appointments. We probably should also find a “regular” vet for routine visits but in this case I’m glad we took Harley to VMS. They actually had a veterinary oncologist who was able to consult.

    The normal daytime vet we sometimes use didn’t impress me with her handling of anything other than very basic treatment–for example she couldn’t do the ultrasound on Simon which would have confirmed cancer and sent Simon home with some enzymes to crush up into his food to try and alleviate the diarrhea. We ended up taking a second trip to the emergency vet later that night.

  2. solkitten

    Oh I am so sorry, it breaks my heart when we lose a loved one. I know this is always said but at least he is in a better place. I am truly sad for you, Harley has been on my mind for the past few days. You guys did a great job with him, when its out of our hands its so hard to accept. :(

  3. aellya

    *hugs* Greg, so sorry for you and Miche and your loss. Harz was such a wonderful kitty. I liked him! He was always so friendly and affectionate. He’ll be missed.

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