Sophie update

I forgot to post about this yesterday, but Sophie had a full-on seizure, right in the middle of everything that was happening with Harley. This was Saturday at 3:20 pm. She started off twitching a little, and then went into convulsions with her entire body involved.

I quickly hustled her into a box and started off toward the emergency vet. About 2 min into the trip she realized she was in a box (and got her wind back, most likely) and started complaining.

According to the emergency clinic doctor, seizures can happen as a result of insulin overdose and resulting low-low blood glucose. We are going to need to back off the insulin, and test her much more often than we have been doing. We’re going to go from 3 units twice a day to just 1 unit, maybe 2, just in the morning. More testing will tell us if that’s the right level.

Sophie is our oldest, and she so far just keeps going, like a tank.

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  1. beckerbuns

    That is scary. I know it’s not quite the same, but my oldest son has had a few seizures and they really freaked us all out.

    At least it’s hopefully due to the insulin and not something else, eh?

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