Harley update

Harley had his second chemo today. We’re trying to get him to eat but so far he’s not interested in any food.

It’s going to be a challenge to keep him eating and hydrated. Current plan is to just keep offering food, every hour, through the night too.

He has had a lot of different meds (chemo itself, steriod, anti-diarrhea and anti-nausea) that his grogginess and lack of appetite could be caused by any of those (most likely being the chemo and resulting dead cancer cells getting dumped into his blood to get filtered).

Thanks for the good thoughts, and please keep them coming through the weekend. If he makes it through the weekend then things should get better. This is of course not going to cure him but might bring back the harz we know and love, for a while anyway.

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  1. solkitten

    Mopsy had IMHA, her red blood cells were being shed into her urine.. she was listless and was on chemo meds, which help with the immune.

    I fed her whatever she wanted, I went to McDonalds and gave her cheeseburgers, I’d try to feed her on the hour, maybe Tuna in a can? just feed little portions at a time? I used to get a syringe with water in a bowl and squirt it down her throat to make sure she was hydrated. I feel like if I didn’t do it, she would have not been here snoring on Mr. Loin bed today.

    1. nekodojo

      Thank you for the reply… it helps.

      Things are looking better this morning; he started being interested in food and water at about 4 am, still small amounts.

      We’ll keep everyone posted.

      1. solkitten

        thats a great sign, I remember while going thru it, it was so traumatic, I would stay next to her and sing, to just have her hear my voice and keep her in this world with me. I wasn’t ready to let her go, and she didn’t want to go, she couldn’t even lift her head so I held her and just sang to her and prayed like I’ve never prayed before. I gave her water in a syringe and fed her little bites of food every hour. I remember trying to give her food, her favorite and she didnt want it, I bought babyfood, anything. The doctors said that if they want to eat, they want to live. So thats great that Harley is interested, thats HUGE. I’ll keep praying for your baby. Thats a good sign.

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