Diet update

This morning I weighed 283.0.

Monday I had: cereal, milk, coffee, splenda, creamer; chicken noodle soup from home; cake and milk (party for co-worker late afternoon); salad with peas, mushrooms and turkey, mayo/soy/sesame dressing, 2 slices of turkey. (I brought leftover spaghetti too but didn’t eat it… we’ll roll that over a couple days as a hedge against “OMG not enough food for lunch”)

Tuesday (today) I had: cereal, milk, coffee, splenda, creamer (mm, hazelnut, but in moderation); chicken noodle soup (more noodle than chicken or soup), fruit juice with diet 7up, beef jerky. Tonight we will go to Chef Chu’s for dinner and I will probably have a lot. If I’m hungry between now and then I also brought some dates.

So far I am doing OK on my “plan ahead for at least one meal per day” strategy. I declined to go out to lunch Mon. and Tues. I want to go to lunch one day a week but I want it to be planned ahead, and not happening on a day I’m planning to go to dinner as well.

For now, the plan is NOT based on avoiding bad things (yet) but more based on planning ahead, executing the plan, and not finding myself in forage/improvise mode. So things like bringing food to work, shopping and stocking food in the fridge and making stuff for lunch/dinner ahead is good. For now I’m not going to stress about other snacks I’m having around the edges of the plan as long as I’m thinking about lunch/dinner ahead of time and executing the plan there. Things like bringing jerky or dates and snacking that instead of candy currently counts as bonus points but not my main focus.

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