Vacation advice

We want to go somewhere on vacation where we can relax and perhaps do some stargazing. Therefore I want to find somewhere that is flat, dark, and has clear weather in August or September.

We were thinking about Sedona, AZ. Is anyone familiar with the area, enough to comment? Is there a good chance that the weather will be mostly clear in August, or September? Is it a good place to spend a week’s worth of vacation? Any other places we should consider? (Would be nice if it were in driving distance of silicon valley CA)


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  1. tersa

    Actually, Mt. Lassen National Park is a lovely place to visit especially in early September (weekend after Labor Day) if you don’t mind camping (car camping is acceptable). It’s generally in the 60’s-70’s during the day up there (while it was 90’s down here in the valley), after Labor Day most of the kids are gone, it’s very clear, and a great place to stargaze.

    I believe if you decide to go in August sometime, it’s a great place to view the Perseids.

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