D&D 3e starting up

[Gaming filter: If you’re reading this, you have indicated an interest in joining my next D&D 3e game.]

I would like to hold a character generation session this coming weekend. Our plans for this weekend are pretty open, so if you can drop in anytime Saturday or Sunday that would work. If you can come and spend 4 hours, that would be great, though 2 hours would probably work if you’re in a rush. We will provide either lunch or dinner as appropriate.

Please comment here to indicate if you’re able to drop in and make a guess as to the time you might come by. (Please comment even if you can’t make it to let me know whether you’re interested in the game…)

I would like everyone to generate 2 characters of different classes. That way we have some flexibility when it comes to forming a party, but more important, we will have a possibility for side-stories, and a backup plan in case someone dies. (Yes, death is definitely possible in this world… if you are averse or squicked by your character dying, please let me know ahead of time :)

What we know about the world so far: It is pretty much as described in the Forgotten Realms accessory book. This is the same world where we find Neverwinter, etc. I’ve semi-randomly chosen the Dalelands region as the starting point (based on availability of good maps :) I’m curious to know if you’ve been exposed to Forgotten Realms before, either through books, tabletop games, or computer games.

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