Trip log Tuesday

Up at 920, I got the feeling that sleeping any longer would make me snore. Not sure when M got up but I think she ate and watched TV and went back to bed. Made some coffee in the room.

This room is incredibly nice, it has a bedroom, bathroom with 2 sinks, a shower and a jacuzzi, and a kitchen and living room area as well. Even a washer and dryer. But it doesn’t have room service :) I think if I had kids I would like this better, but as it is the extra appointments of the room are overkill and I’m reminded regularly that this is not a hotel.
Breakfast was Capn Crunch, so another 10 in gift shop bucks making about 45.

Well we did it, we took the plunge. We now own an interest in the Hilton Grand Vacations Club at The Las Vegas Strip. We ended up with the 7-night package (2 wk if off-season). It is about the same price as a new car — the package we got was 17k. The salient points which convinced me most were…
This is a great room, probably comparable to the suites we were looking at for 200 a night.
Lots of HGV clubs where we can trade 1:1 or more based on season v. off-season
RCI exchange program where we can trade HGV points for other non-HGV locations
Once it is paid off we can keep using it forever
Can be traded for regular Hilton stays (like 23 HHonors points per HGV point)
More on that later

Dragged M to the casino and got $40 free cash to gamble. I also gave M $100 of the $200 in the gamble fund. We both lost 20 in slots and vid poker. I couldn’t find M so I played PGP for a while. Got back $19 of my free $20. I think I have 119 in the kitty for gaming and like 36 in the normal petty cash (tipped the housekeeper 2 because she also did our dishes). Had dinner at Conrads again: pork, filet, soup, asparagus, mashed sweet potatoes. Forgot to turn in our $25 food coupon. Oh well :)
M didn’t want to go back to Smokey The Casino after dinner so we came back to the suite and did laundry. We may go back again after C gets here.

After C got here and laughed at us a bit, went to casino for a while. I managed to lose 150 in PGP, which is two 10 wins followed by a spectacular loss of 170. Lost 5 more on slots.

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