Trip log Wednesday

Checked out of HGV and stashed our bags. Got tickets for BOO from concierge. Went for buffet, while waiting, ran back to HGV to get more tickets from sales spiff desk: 99 for both Star Trek and Second City taken from gaming fund.

Run back to buffet. Haggle with cashier over which coupon I can use or not use. Coupons are OK for something I want anyway but the ones for the Flamingo were over the top, and I hatehatehate sitting there discussing whether we woulld save $4 one way or $6 the other. Omelete guy took forever to make my food, other than that breakfast was OK.

Trolley to Hilton to see Star Trek experience. I am sworn to secrecy about the events there for fear of corrupting the time line, but let’s just say after my 2nd run-in with the Klingons I’m convinced I am an ancestor to Jean Luc Picard. After returning to Earth, dropped 100 on video poker and 5 for coke and frappucino.

Took a cab from Hilton to HGV and fetched bags, continuing on to Luxor. Gave 21 to cab guy. After checking in, left M to nap and C went with me to play PGP. I won 22 there and dropped 5 on keno while waiting for food to go. Went back up to room and we all ate sorta fast.

Saw Blue Man Group. Wow that is a fucken awesome show! Sort of like Stomp but more fun, more interactive, more psychedelic, and more paper.

After the show we went to NY NY to see another show, BOO! (an improv), good show. I was proud of M for going to both shows and dealing with lots of walking, claustrophobic crowds, etc. I think she enjoyed the show, but it didn’t help that I accidentally whacked her in the nose when we were getting off the tram back at luxor. Poor sweetie. C and I went back down for a snack and decided not to gamble any more. So that is all for tonight.

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