Trip log Monday

Flew Southwest. Got a snack at the airport. On arriving at resort, got some food at the deli.

After settling in I went to the Flamingo, withdrew 200, and played Pai Gow poker, broke even, down to 70 and back up to 100. Dropped 20 in quarters in Triple Play poker and slots. Back to room to fetch M for dinner.

Worked out 30 min on a bike, which doesn’t measure miles but does measure watts. Kept 60 watts or so for 30 min, which will either power the lamp in the room for 30 min or the AC I am breathing for 3 min, but either way earns me dinner.

Took some pics from our window, there is a view of the Flamingo, Barbary Coast, the club pool, the Flamingo pool, and a view of Harrahs and Imperial Palace. (All pictures from the trip listed here with larger versions here.)

M was up at stupid o’clock this a.m. so she crashed at 4 intending to nap 2 hrs, but was not wanting to wake at 630. So I had to forage some dinner for myself… Had dinner at Flamingo’s nice steakhouse (Conrad’s). Played some more pai gow poker, played from 100 up to 200 but then lost 80. So counting the 20 in quarters lost earlier I’m about even. I need to learn to watch my chips and stop when I hit my goal, including what’s on the table. I’m even for the day, but if I had stopped at 200 that would have paid for dinner too. But, I had fun.

OK off to bed…

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