Weekend report

Hello again loyal readers, sorry this is a little late.

Not sure what I did Friday. I seem to remember leaving work more or less on time, like 5:30. I probably had dinner at some point. Oh, that’s right, L came over again and we worked on the first of the user migrations (me!)

Saturday, we went up to Healdsburg to see M’s grandma and parents. A good time was had by all! It was M’s birthday and her mom gave her a huge blanket that she knitted, must have taken a long time. We got back kinda late but not too bad.

Sunday, I did laundry, which was a challenge in itself, since three of the six or so laundry rooms are closed for either painting or new flooring. These happen to be the three nearest me; I am in building 4 and the laundry rooms are in 1, 3, and the cabana pool area. I found three other laundry areas in buildings 6, 8, and 12. The dryers in building 12 don’t dry very well, but all worked out okay.

We went to the store to get some hair color for M, and got back in time to meet L. L and I worked on a couple more user migrations. We are getting pretty fast at this, so we should be done in a week, two at the most. (Any nekodojo users not yet migrated, please email me and we will set an appointment.)

Just about to go to bed, 11:45 pm, I carefully made the bed and then found out that Harley had *pissed* on my bed, probably to protest me not scraping the litter boxes right on schedule. So, I unmade the bed, sprayed some cleaner on it, dabbed it up, flipped over the mattress, and made the bed again. Got to bed about 12:45. I kicked Harley off the bed several times, but he didn’t understand why, so he went into the front room looking hurt and confused at Mommy about why Daddy doesn’t love him any more… He is all better today though.

That is all.

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