How to write my name in Kanji

OK, I went and bought a book on this subject which contains dozens of possible transcriptions for common names. I feel it’s already earned its value. Here is one possible way to write Guu-Rei-Gu in Japanese:
遇礼仇 – one who treats his enemies with courtesy
Would anyone else like me to look up their names? :)

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    1. nekodojo


      Choose one of these possible transcriptions for Jo-Shu-A
      one who gets rid of ugly and bad matters
      one who guards a beauty
      one who helps melancholy people to laugh
      a frog which hunts for women
      one who helps a thin crow
      one pathologically obsessed with women and wine

        1. nekodojo

          Re: Jo-Shu-A

          For more info on each kanji, go here: and do “Find” in your browser, find the kanji, then click the symbol.

          JO list (ジョ)
          除 exclude, division (x/3), remove, abolish, cancel, except
          恕 excuse, tolerate, forgive
          徐 gradually, slowly, deliberately, gently
          恕 excuse, tolerate, forgive
          序 preface, beginning, order, precedence, occasion, chance, incidentally
          如 likeness, like, such as, as if, better, best, equal (think woman standing before a mirror) 女 woman, female
          叙 confer, relate, narrate, describe
          助 help, rescue, assist

          SHU list (シュ)
          主 lord, chief, master, main thing, principal
          首 head, neck
          珠 pearl, gem, jewel
          醜 ugly, unclean, shame, bad looking
          種 species, kind, class, variety, seed
          殊 particularly, especially, exceptionally
          朱 vermilion, cinnabar, scarlet, red, bloody

          A list (ア)
          悪 bad, vice, rascal, false, evil, wrong
          亜 Asia, rank next, come after, -ous
          oops, ran out of steam here, perhaps the rest later… This is enough to get you the first one I listed (除醜悪 – gets rid of ugly or bad things) But there are other shu and a chars that I missed. Or you can copy the phonetics for Jo Shu and A and grep the kanji list I mentioned.


          1. nekodojo

            Re: Jo-Shu-A

            OK, I am a bit more awake now AND I have installed IME for XP on my machine, so perhaps I can actually write these transcriptions. All of the following transcriptions can be read “Jo Shu A”.
            除醜悪 – one who gets rid of ugly and bad matters
            助守婀 – one who guards a beauty
            助甃唖 – one who helps melancholy people to laugh
            女狩蛙 – a frog which hunts for women
            助痩鴉 – one who helps a thin crow
            女酒痾 – one pathologically obsessed with women and wine
            As before, use a kana dictionary like this one to find the symbol if you want more info about each kanji.

    1. nekodojo

      This is a link back to this same journal entry as viewed through the Monash University ACCESS-J Japanese WWW Page Viewer, no downloading of fonts needed.

      IE5 and IE6 have Japanese Language extensions you can download. Check Windows Update first…

      Unfortunately “Tara” is one of the names forwhich the author didn’t give suggested transcriptions. So we are stuck with choosing one from the Ta list and one from the Ra list. Combine to suit your style. (Stolen from a dictionary server here and a more detailed Kanji dictionary here (if you can’t type japanese on your keyboard you can probably copy/paste the symbols fine anyway, either in your browser for searching or into msword or something, if you have the fonts)

      TA list (た)
      佗 be proud/be lonely (
      田 rice field (
      多 multi- (prefix) , many (
      他 other, another, the others (
      汰 luxury, select (

      RA list (ら)
      良 good, pleasing, skilled (
      XX gong (can’t find in dictionary, probably rare)
      XX vine (“)
      XX companion (“)
      XX silk (“)

      Or there are actually two entries in the dictionary that are “TA-RA” (たら) in one “word”
      鱈 codfish (
      多羅 Tara/The Deliverer, the Saviouress (Buddhist deity) (see 多 above +

      The XX ones are printed in this book here but I could not find them on the web so I couldn’t copy/paste them here (probably meaning they are rare enough to cause some readers confusion) but if you want to choose one of these words I can try to track down the kanji somewhere.

    2. nekodojo

      Wow it looks like my previous entry had a bogus tag in it, but displayed OK in my browser, mostly. Too tired to fix right now.

      In other news, viewing this comment on my XP machine didn’t make explorer pause and ask for its additional fonts, but viewing “” did prompt me for the XP disk to install fonts.

    1. nekodojo


      究理守人賦 – one who is obliged to seek the truth
      X痢子人負 – one who saves suffering defeated people
      ??? – Christ (who conquers all)
      ??? – one who spreads Christianity
      ??? – Christian waves
      ??? – A bird who vomits chestnuts into its nest
      ??? – one who breaks ten chestnuts
      X = a symbol I couldn’t find in the kanji dictionary (probably rare)
      ?? = a symbol I didn’t try looking up yet but I can try if you want

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