Last week I put in a request to have the IP address changed for one of my domain name servers. The change I requested has not been done yet. Instead, someone at made a mistake and deleted ALL the NS entries for This made my domain inactive for approximately 36 hours this weekend.

I need you to do the following.

1. Make the IP change to the domain name server record (host record) as follows.
Host ID: H53361427-LROR
Sponsoring Registrar: (R71-LROR)
(old) IP Address:
(new) IP Address:

2. DO THIS CAREFULLY. DO NOT SCREW IT UP. This server is not one of the listed servers for the domain “” but it is a server for 10 or so other domains. Don’t worry about that, I can add it back onto the list myself later. I do NOT want you to modify the list of servers assigned to the domain NEKODOJO.ORG or any other domain. I ONLY want the IP of the HOST changed. If you do not understand this, please find a technical team member who does understand it before proceeding. (I’m sorry if I sound patronizing here, but this exact same request was screwed up on Friday so I want to make 100% sure that I am being clear about what I need.)

3. Please get back to me to explain what happened on Friday. I want to know whether it was a mistake on your part ( or with the .org registry, or if I was somehow unclear on my previous request. Note that I called three times (twice on Friday and once on Saturday) and I asked for an explanation of the error/outage each time, and the technicians I spoke to were not able to explain the error, but said that someone would get back to me. Please get back to me. Your response will determine whether we continue using for my 2 personal domains as well as the domains we use at work ( since I am a domain administrator at work as well.

Thanks for your time!

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your inquiry.

The IP Address of your registered name server(s) ( has been changed by to ( Please allow 24 to 72 hours for this change to propagate throughout the root server system and be recognized throughout the Internet.

Blah blah blah (snip)

Thank you for using, the First Step on the Web(TM).

Hello, and thanks for the quick response!

When convenient, can you please get back to me with the explanation of what went wrong on Friday? I need a written explanation of the failure in order to document our decision on whether or not to stay with’s service.

The previous ticket numbers were 1983908868 and 1633912522 though there may be more tickets entered, since I had to call three times to get the matter resolved.

At this point it seems unlikely that I will continue using for anything (personal or work) due to the extreme nature of this error and outage. If you are satisfied with this, there is no need to respond, just say something like “I have no additional info” and close the ticket, and I will go on my way and find another vendor. If you think that the error and outage should not be attributed to or that you can explain what happened and why it should not happen again, I would like to receive the information. Please have a manager respond if you are not sure.

Thanks for your time!

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