Stupid Neighbor Tricks

Had some problems with the neigbor making loud noises again. Since this was disturbing our movie, I decided to do something. Since he reacted rudely when I complained before and basically told me not to call him next time, I decided to call the police instead.

If you want the whole story, check out my letter to the management company:


I am a resident/owner at Vista Del Lago. I have been having problems with a neighbor making excessive noise. I’m not exactly sure what to do… can you please let me know what can be done, and/or forward the complaint to the VDL Board members?

My name is Greg Connor. My address is […], Santa Clara. My downstairs neighbor is Brett […] and his unit is […].

I have a problem with Brett playing music at an unreasonably loud volume. (I consider music to be “unreasonably” loud if it is heard by me upstairs to be louder than my own TV or music being played at a normal level.) This happens about once every 2 or 3 weeks, mostly during the day, but a few of the events have been at night.

I have complained to Brett about the loud music a couple of times, in January and February of 2002. The first time I called him, he was polite, and turned the music down. The second time I called to complain, he was rude to me and told me not to call him anymore, and that he didn’t care what I think. I have not called him again after this, but the incidents with loud music have continued.

Last night I heard loud music from downstairs again, again louder through the floor than our own TV. The noise lasted for over an hour (7:25-8:35) then stopped, then started again at 9:25. I decided to call the SCPD to complain at 9:40, and they responded and spoke to him at about 10:00 pm. (SCPD Event #169)

After the police officer left, the music stopped, but Brett immediately started slamming his door repeatedly (much louder than usual) and banging on the walls and cabinets downstairs, stomping inside and in the entranceway, etc. I consider this rude and abusive behavior, since it was clearly louder than any door slamming, footsteps, or other loud noises I have heard before this. I am guessing that he was upset at getting a visit from the police, but I did not call them to be spiteful or annoying — I called them because I felt I had no other choice, since approaching him directly had not worked before and provoked a rude response.

The loud banging and stomping continued, 10:00-10:15, and twice more at 10:30 and 10:40. Brett also turned the music on again, at a lower level than before, but still audible with our TV on; this was from 10:20 to 10:25 and 10:40 to 10:50. I called the SCPD a second time to complain about the loud banging and slamming noises at 10:33 and they responded at 10:50 and spoke to Brett a second time. (SCPD Event #179)

I feel that the repeated noise incidents over the last year are inappropriate and a nuisance. Loud noise during the day is annoying but tolerable; however, I don’t think I should have to tolerate unreasonably loud noise at night (such as after 9 pm). More importantly, I feel that Brett’s responses so far have been rude, abusive, and childish.

Please let me know what you feel the next appropriate action should be, or if you need any additional information from me. I can be contacted by email at or by phone at […] (day or evening).

Thanks for your time.
Greg Connor

Edit: Added timeline…

7:25 – 8:35 Loud music playing, heard upstairs louder than our TV
8:35 Music stopped
9:25 – 9:45 Loud music heard again, louder than our TV
9:40 Called SCPD (event number 169)
10:00-10:15 Several loud noises from downstairs, door slamming, loud footsteps
10:20-10:25 Music audible again, but at a lower level
10:30 Several loud banging noises heard again
10:33 Called SCPD again (event number 179)
10:38 Heard loud banging noises again
10:42-10:50 Music audible again at a lower level
10:50 SCPD responded, spoke to him a second time
It was quiet after this

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  1. traveller_blues

    One of the other good things about this place is that the walls are exceptionally thick. We can sometimes hear the neighbor on the right going down the stairs, but we can’t hear the neighbor on the left at all. I’m more worried that they can hear us…

    Good luck.


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