To do list

New server is up.

Install RedHat 7.2
Download errata and install (Download time 12h 30m at 21.3 Kbytes/sec)
Configure sudoers
Configure ntpd
chkconfig gpm off
Start httpd and edit config so I can read docs

To do:
Configure iptables
Unconfigure ipchains
Test masq routing

It will probably be at least a week or two until I can start moving services from the old server to the new.

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    1. nekodojo

      Thanks! I will probably stick with 7.2 for now… Most of our work machines are still on 7.1 and I just sort of got in the habit of not going with the latest-greatest if I don’t need the new features. So far it seems to work OK, usually when I have a problem there is a patch already available, or at least some bulletin board where someone else posted the same problem.

      I really should check out 8.0 though, so I can install it about the time 8.3 or 8.5 comes out :) Have you used it and do you like it?

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