Another partial dream

Some bits of the dream from this morning.
In school, talking to some other school mates, everyone had school uniforms on.
In a dorm room, still in bed, but listening to other kids on their way to class just outside the door.
Getting in trouble for parking in the bus zone, then having to appear before a judge-type person to explain my behavior.
Explaining that I was with my girlfriend (pretty sure it was Michelle) and that she had to go to the bathroom which is why I had to stop there
Being told by the judge-type person “Oh well, that’s OK then” and then having to clear out of the auditorium before the next event started

Then being in some junk car lot hanging out with some girl from school named Tracy (nope, don’t know anyone like this in real life) and then some weird guy pulls up in a van and starts throwing big pieces of scrap metal out of the back of his van right at her.
I went over to him and said something like, “What the hell are you doing, didn’t you see my friend standing there?” This guy was like three feet taller than me, so my eye-level was right at his belly-button level. After loudly discussing this matter for a bit, and walking over to look at the scrap metal on the ground, he said “whatever” and started to just walk away. I said something like “You’re going to have to get this van off the property” and he indicated that if I wanted it moved I could move it myself, and threw his keys at me, and they landed across the street behind me. I went and picked up his keys (and his clipboard and a couple other things that he threw as well). I decided rather than moving his van anywhere I should just call the police and explain everything that happened.

Woke up.

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