I’m collecting story ideas for nanowrimo again. I think it would be cool to do a mystery, but you have to kind of have a story/solution in mind going in. Hmm.

Vague bits of dream from last night…

Living in a post-apocalytic society (a la Jerimiah)
Having to crawl down into a deep pit/tunnel to get something working again

In other news, I am installing a new server to replace Charon – I got a refurbished pc from Dell, 1.7Ghz 512M/30G DVD,etc for $550 +tax. Not bad. It included XP professional – I’m erasing it now but maybe I can reuse the XP on my other pc. I wonder what the difference is between home and professional xp?

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  1. torquemada

    Woo! I remember the last time you upgraded Charon. That’s a pretty good price for the features; I hope it doesn’t have the Dell curse. As far as I know, besides the price, the main difference between XP Home and XP Professional is a broader administrative feature set for XP Pro.

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