Thursdayfolks has a journal?

I wanted to experiment with the “community” features, so I created a community for Thursdayfolks. Thursdayfolks is a chat list for Miche and I and many of our friends. The new Thursdayfolks community contains some of these folks, but not all, since not all of them have LiveJournal accounts.


I’m not expecting many folks to post there actively, but you can if the mood strikes you. If you post via the web, view the “full” set of options instead of the “simple” options and you should see the option of posting in thursdayfolks instead of your default journal. For the Windows client and others, there should be an option for “Select Active Journal”.

Even if the community posts themselves are not exciting, you might want to browse the Thursdayfolks Friends page to see what the various members are up to.

You’re welcome to join as well, even if you’re not part of the original Thursdayfolks list, especially if you know some of the members already.

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