Similar interests, and six degrees of separation


I checked out the list of people who have similar interests to mine and found: 1. le_merle is still at the top of the list and leading the pack by a lot, and 2. there are a lot of other people on the list that I don’t know.

1. le_merle’s score is not that surprising, considering I used his list as a starting point for my own list, so an interest is more likely to be on my list if is was on his, back in September or so. 2. the interests shared with lots of people I don’t know is not surprising, but also not very informative, since they all tend to list a LOT of interests, meaning that there is a lot of overlap when looking at my list, but not very much when looking at theirs (probably that means that I didn’t place very high on their lists.)

Update: After editing my interests and adding some, the max score is now 44 instead of 25, with le_merle still leading the pack.

Anyway I used this tool by sachmet to find how we are linked, and came up with these results…

1 le_merle -> gconnor (1 hop)
2 donaithnen -> tikva -> lyonesse -> ambar -> gconnor (4 hops)
3 cremlian -> vyviane -> elorie -> ambar -> gconnor (4 hops)
4 tinjuko -> halsted -> esmerel -> gconnor (3 hops)
5 grendel -> lusty -> bryant -> gconnor (3 hops)
6 sleepy -> sebab -> halsted -> esmerel -> gconnor (4 hops)
7 davethebrave -> tinjuko -> halsted -> esmerel -> gconnor (4 hops)
8 luminosity -> reality -> cici -> le_merle -> gconnor (4 hops)
9 estokes -> reality -> cici -> le_merle -> gconnor (4 hops)
10 whisperingwolf -> xiombarg -> ladyotterfae -> cos -> gconnor (4 hops)

So, it seems that thanks to ambar, le_merle, bryant, and esmerel, I am at least somehow connected to people I don’t know, but have similar interests. Cool. Maybe I will bookmark some of them on my friends page and see if they notice (doubtful, some of these people have 100+ friends)

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